Saturday, July 18, 2015

Breyers Cappuccino Gelato Indulgences

[By Nick, 2015-2016] It's been a s'mores week of sorts here at On Second Scoop but sadly, I don't have any more s'mores products to review at the moment. That said, I did have s'mores pancakes for breakfast this morning if that counts for anything. What I do have  is the last of the new Breyers Gelato flavors to review. Apparently, I'm only going to have to review whatever coffee variety they put out and that's fine by me.

Breyers Cappuccino Gelato Indulgences
Cappuccino Gelato with a Foamy Cream Swirl and Gourmet Chocolate Chips

Well doesn't the description try and sound fancy? What strikes me though is them calling the cream swirl foamy. I know cappuccinos come with a foam top but Breyers has become well known for their foamy texture as of late. I feel like it's a way for them to make an excuse as to why their texture is so bad.

There's a nice coffee aroma coming from this one. The taste isn't too bad either. It's definitely more milky than actual coffee flavored which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The cream swirl just adds to that milkiness.

To put it another way, any ounce of robust, bold qualities the coffee had going into this gelato are completely lost with that swirl. This one tastes like milk that had coffee accidentally spilled into it.

The "gourmet" chocolate chips tastes just like your standard chocolate. Nothing fancy or high quality going on. Heck, I think tollhouse chocolate chips are of higher quality that these.

Now this flavor doesn't taste bad by any means. It tastes like a milky mocha coffee with everything combined. The problem is the texture. Breyers gelato is very airy, gummy and foamy normally but the foaminess of the cream swirl just amplifies things. Safe to say, the texture ruins this one for me. I'd rather eat tofutti or just coolwhip out of the freezer than this stuff. If you're looking for a coffee flavor from them, stick with their Tiramisu.

Verdict?  Foaminess is not a good thing here
Buy Again?  Nope


Brent Harris said...

The last 11 ingredients in this stuff pretty much sums up what all of Breyers tastes like.

Unknown said...

What-i absolutely Love this stuff and can not find it anywhere?? Heart and tummy brokenšŸ˜„

Dubba Scoops said...

it's been gone longer than it was around, I don't understand why you are still surprised by not finding it. Maybe I am missing something.