Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Most Popular Reviews of 2014

Hello ice cream nation!! I was going to try and shove in one more review this year, but getting a new scoopmobile has really kept me busy these last few days. That's right, after driving my car (almost) to the moon (when it's closest anyway), I finally traded it in. It's pretty weird driving something else after 12 years, but when a rusty car starts needing a bunch of repairs, well, you move on if you can.

So let's do a recap like a lot of other sites are doing right now. Let's start with the ten most popular reviews of 2014. Before starting though, I'd like to put in an honorable mention for #11 because it has gotten more comments than any other review... and they're all angry. That's right, Nick's showdown between Ben & Jerry's Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch & the old Coffee Heath Bar Crunch has gotten people so very riled up. Not a single person has come to the defense of the new non-GMO version. We haven't seen this much angst since B&J Creme Bruleee was cancelled. (Ironically B&J says this was their #7 most popular flavor this year... but maybe that was from sales of people buying up all the old pints). Anyway, on to the countdown!

#10 Breyers Vanilla Caramel Gelato Indulgences. Just when you thought Breyers was done ruining their rich history and fan base, they go and mess with gelato. All the mommy bloggers and parenthood tie-ins in the world can't change the fact that these things are pretty terrible.

#9 Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra Core. Oh semantics.... while click-bait happy websites were more than happy to run with the headline of the new ground-breaking product on the market, the hard core fans knew that core has been around for awhile, this was a re-release really. (FYI, we'll be seeing cookie cores in 2015) 

#8 Talenti Pumpkin Pie Gelato (#30) Well, it's been a long time in the making, but Talenti has finally made it on to the countdown. We've been touting their awesomeness for years now.... so let's hope Unilever doesn't ruin Talenti, oh how that would make me sad.

#7 Ben & Jerry's Salted Caramel Core. Nick was not a fan and wants to put this on a "worst of 2014 list". You know, I'm not even sure I have a "favorite" core flavor...

#6 Talenti Caramel Apple Pie Gelato (#29). The second Talenti on the countdown and it was just shy of being in the top 5. This is an excellent flavor that you definitely should have tried by now.

#5 Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice Cream There's usually one surprise guest on the list and this year it's Trader Joe's and their ice cream that kind of tastes like cookie butter. I absolutely adore biscoff cookie butter, but this ice cream doesn't have nearly enough of that flavor. Maybe they can amp it up if they bring it back in 2015.

#4 Ben & Jerry's Hazed & Confused Core Ice Cream. The core really started to annoy me on this one.

#3 Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Fudge Core Ice Cream. And the final core on the countdown. I can't say I was tempted to re-buy any of them. What? I'm just being honest.

#2 Dairy Queen Apple Pie Blizzard. Surprisingly, the September 2014 DQ Blizzard of the Month is the only blizzard to make it on the countdown this year. The marketing campaign for Apple vs Pumpkin seemed to go really well and hopefully they can come up with another great battle in 2015 (for the record, Apple is good, but Pumpkin is great).

and with a decisive 25% more views then #2, 
our most popular review of the year is.....

#1 Breyers Tiramisu Gelato Indulgences I don't know why this was the most popular of the four Breyers gelato reviews, but it was, by a landslide, more than twice the traffic of the vanilla caramel flavor. I just don't understand the fawning over these super airy, fake gelatos. Ugggg. You continue to disappoint Breyers.

Well, there you have it. Probably a little more boring than you had hoped. Notable no shows are those new Magnum Infinity bars or the new Klondike Kandy Bars for that matter. Are you guys surprised by this list? It's great to see Talenti finally make it, and Ben & Jerry's always makes a strong showing, but let us know in the comments what you think deserved to be on the list. Have a great New Year's Eve everyone.


Anonymous said...

What was the #1 worst ice cream ever this year? I think you said that the Edy's outshine veggie bars were horrible.

Also ranting about Jeni's

Nick Rovo said...

Anon, are you asking worst new product or worst product we tried all year?

Anonymous said...

congrats on the new car, Dubba! thanks to you and nick for all the reviews!

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at all by this list. Now, if Edy's or Skinny Cow had made on it on the list, then I would have definitely been surprised.

Anonymous said...

The worst new product and the product all year long!

Nick Rovo said...

Anon, The new version of Ben & Jerry's Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch and Adirondack Creamery's Kulfi-Pistachio Cardamom as the worst for me.

Anonymous said...

So agree with the Bryer's gelato assessment! It was so bad I had to throw it away.

Congrats on the new car Dubba! May I ask what you chose? I am in the market for a new vehicle as well and am just starting to research and test drive. It's a bit overwhelming!

Looking forward to many more ice cream reviews in 2015.