Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pierre's Cherries & Chocolate Chunks Ice Cream

Ok, we've already covered two flavors from Pierre's mainstream line up, so now let's dig in to their signature collection. Created in 2012 to celebrate their 80th anniversary, the signature collection is made up of seven super premium ice creams meant to compete with the likes of B&J's and H-D.

Pierre's Cherries & Chocolate Chunks Ice Cream
cherry ice cream, filled with plump, sweet, juicy cherries and chunks of chocolate

First look...

Well it's definitely cherry flavor, but one that is totally in check. It doesn't forget that it's an ice cream. I like this style of flavoring because with a dense ice cream like this, you definitely find yourself tempted to just let the scoop melt on your tastebuds, and then end with a nice crunching on a few chocolate chips.

Yeah, everything is in check here. All too often cherries are just balls of iciness, but not here. Just look at their texture in this photo. I wonder how they did that, it almost looks like a cherry cake.

The chocolate chips are the right size (for my tastes anyway). There's a nice loud crunch, a bit of a flavor burst, and you move on. I don't mind that blast in a cherry flavor, but I want a small blast, not an epic shockwave of texture change. Sorry, you guys know I have a hang up about huge chips.

What can I say, this one is well done. It's nothing groundbreaking, tons of companies do this combo, but it is done well and I've got no complaints. It's a fine alternative to what's out there.

On Second Scoop: I like the fact that this cherry flavor doesn't bite like so many others, and I like the smaller chip size. I asked our resident cherry garcia expert (aka my wife) what she thought... she misses the big chunks of chocolate. Ahhh, guess I'll have to finish this one myself... doh, too late!

Verdict?  nice non-potent cherry
Buy Again?  me: sure, wife: maybe

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