Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gelato Fiasco Raspberry Truffle Sorbetto

[New for 2014] So if it's late in the day, and you need a flavor that will wake you up but not really weigh you down, then I think gelato fiasco has you covered.

Gelato Fiasco Raspberry Truffle Sorbetto
Intense raspberry with house-made chocolate truffles

Yes, I'll admit, five years ago I would have been too immature to enjoy a flavor like this. I mean, I have proof, just read my very first talenti review. Oh, I could tell it was a quality product, but I couldn't handle the berry bombardment on my tastebuds. But hey, I'm older, I'm wiser, and I've got this lovely free sample of sorbetto sitting in front of me.

Well, that lighting isn't going to work

That's better.

Do you see all those glorious chocolate chunks? That's right, the sorbetto we are reviewing has a mix-in! It's a good thing to because the base is indeed "intense". I had to read the ingredient list because you might think there is a balsamic bite to the raspberry base. There is a whole lot of flavor going on here and the chocolate does it's best to keep it all in check. I have to admit, it may seem simple at first, but it's kind of genius.

Don't let the bright red scare you away, instead, focus on those big chocolate chunks. They're almost an homage to those great big graeters style chocolate chips, just not as huge, and they totally work in this setting. They're not a super easy melting chocolate, you will have to bite them, but it's a very nice milk chocolate flavor that doesn't have that typical frozen thud you might be used to. The chocolate lingers too which is a nice parting touch.

Ok, I've already had my second and third scoopings, so let me wrap up by saying this one is really vibrant. It's got bite but it's just so engaging that it's hard to not keep going. You won't need a ton of it, I can't imagine downing a pint of it, but each serving is very enjoyable. Nice job Gelato Fiasco, good job rocking the originality.

Verdict?  definitely intense
Buy Again?  Yup

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