Monday, October 27, 2014

The Nosh Show Episode 41 : Halloween Candy Draft

Hello Nosh Show Listeners! I have returned from my brief hiatus, big thanks to Nick for filling in while I was off dealing with my daily life (being crazy Dubba is so much easier then being the real me). But anyway, let's get this rolling because we've got candy voting to do!

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Episode 41 starts with nosh or not which includes the mysterious (aka fake?) red velvet Oreos, last bites to end the show, and then in the middle we've got a Halloween Candy Draft, much like the fast food draft we did with ours buds from the Nerd Lunch in episode 32. Now I know the list below isn't perfect, I forgot some candy bars and not all of them might be in the right category, but if you want to play along at home, make up a team and post it in the comments.

Pick 2 chocolate candy
snickersmilky way3 musketeershershey milk chocolate
Butterfinger100 grandbaby ruthhershey special dark
reese cupsReese nutrageousReese pieceshershey C&C
M&M regM&M peanutM&M minishershey candy corn
twixrolokit kattake 5
whoppersmilk dudsyorkheath
pay dayalmond joymoundscrunch
snickers almondmilky way caramelsnickers PB3 musketeers mint
oh henrydove minisjunior mintsraisinets
butterfinger mini mixreese fast break5th avenueskor
Pick 2 fruity (non-chocolate) candy
twizzlersstarburstsour patchskittles
life savers gummiesnerdslaffy taffyskittles sour
fruit roll upsweetartsjolly ranchersmike & ike
jelly bellystarburst candy cornmentoshot tamales
pezruntspeepspop rocks
Super cheap bulk candy
peppermintsdum dum popstootsie popstootsie rolls
DOTSsmartiesblow popsdubble bubble
swedish fishtaffyhershey kisseshershey minis
strawberry bon bonsmary janering popssugar daddy/babies
gummy bearscharleston chewcow talesrazzles
necco waferscandy necklacebottle capslaffy taffy
sixletswax stick drinksfun dipwarheads
Pick 1 non-candy
granola barspretzelscandy corn pretzelschoc cov pretzels
fruit snacksraisinsgold fishstickers
glow sticksvampire teethpencilsdental products
moneycheeseballschipsjuice boxes

As a side note, we did have the drafting option to buy either bagged candy or full size candy bars (as if you went down to BJs or Costco and picked up a case of a candy bar). And for the record, I was one of those crazy people that handed out full size candy bars because for a few extra bucks it puts a smile on everyone's face. Unfortunately we don't get trick-or-treaters where we live now, BOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

If you just want to see the final teams and vote, here you go:

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Unknown said...

Snickers Almond, Take 5, Pop Rocks, Hot Tamales, Sixlets, & Choc. Covered Pretzels (redo-I missed a non-choc candy before- whoops!)