Monday, June 30, 2014

Dairy Queen S'mores Royal Shake

[New for 2014] I know I should be use to it by now, but I just can't get in the habit of remembering that DQ  keeps turning their Blizzard of the Month into a Royal shake as well. I'm not knocking it in anyway, I think it's ingenious really, I'm just not use to it yet. Sometimes you want a blizzard but you just don't have 10-15 minutes to stop and eat one. Let's check out the shake version of the most excellent S'mores blizzard.

DQ S'mores Royal Shake
(did they use chocolate softserve in the advertised version?)

Let's keep this simple. The good great news: We've got ourselves a proper graham shake with an underlying chocolatey current. Do I specifically detect marshmallow? I think so, but it's not standing out or anything. It's just mixed in with all the other flavors (so #3 on the list).

The bad mildly annoying news: As you may have suspected, yes, the graham bits are going to jam your straw now and then. Not a deal breaker, but it does make it a little harder to sip and drive.

Overall it's a fun shake for a graham loving fellow such as myself.

Verdict?  Tasty Graham shake (that likes to block my straw)
Buy Again?  Yeah

photo courtesy of Dairy Queen

P.S. Yes, I know it's the last day of June and I apologize for that. The good news is that the S'mores lineup is available through July officially (and maybe August unofficially??). This would actually make sense as the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pie blizzard returns for July, so we'll have two graham based blizzards on the July menu.


Sascha said...

Pretty sure the S'mores are around all summer, and guessing it will be an every summer tradition. This is one blizzard I don't think would be all that good in Royal Shake version. I'm sure the flavor is pretty good, but the best thing about the blizzard are those chocolate pieces, and they'd disappear in the shake.

Unknown said...

A week or two ago, DQ sent out a survey asking which of three or four blizzard flavors sounded appealing. If my survey result is any indication of the consensus opinion, we'll be seeing a Maple Bacon blizzard soon! Just imagine a Royal Shake full of bacon (to block your straw.)

Dubba Scoops said...

@Sasha: well they were around all last summer and I dont see any reason why they shouldnt be around all of this summer too. it's a good blizzard, I just dont want to say it definitely is without proof... found press release, it's through July.

@Josh: hahahahahaha, I wouldn't count on that bacon blizzard [I've seen one of those "surveys" before and it was complete hogwash (not saying yours wasnt legit, but.... it's a possibility)