Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dairy Queen S'mores Blizzard
The June 2013 Blizzard of the Month

[New for 2013, returns June 2014 (there's even a song for it)] In a somewhat surprising move by Dairy Queen, they've been hyping the new June S'mores blizzard since May 20th. In fact, they brought in one Mr. Warren Buffet to serve up the first one of summer (don't forget his company owns DQ).

Ok, here' the official pic and here's the official description: "We start with crunchy Honey Maid® graham crackers and rich chocolate chunks filled with gooey marshmallow, then we whip it up in cool DQ® soft serve". You're probably thinking "wait, how did we not think of this one sooner?". All I know is that I'm stoked about graham and chocolate covered marshmallows. Oh the potential is so high on this one.

Looks absolutely awesome, doesn't it? Well to us graham lovers anyway!! The base vanilla has been transformed to a nice beige color that is absolutely be-speckled by graham bits. I was so excited that I started slurping up the melting edges and it was heavenly (in a graham cracker kind of way).

That's right, I adore the s'mores blizzard. I've said it over and over again how much I adore a sweet gritty swirl in my ice cream and this totally delivers on that promise. It's just a complete graham flavor with wonderful chunks of fresh graham cracker floating about. Graham flavored ice cream can be so hard to find and now we have it here in a blizzard. So cool, but how does the rest of the blizzard stack up?

Well I did see spots of marshmallow here and there, but their flavor, and that of the chocolate covered marshmallows, is very much muted by the graham. Oh sure, if you get a couple of chocolates on your spoon, you will think about marshmallow briefly, but overall this was a graham blizzard more than a s'mores blizzard. Granted this may vary from store to store, but for me, I could have easily gone with double the marshmallow that it currently had.

So the short story is that I absolutely inhaled this thing. I love my gritty blizzards and this worked really well for me. At some point I may go back and try it with a chocolate base, or maybe some chocolate chips... or maybe some Reese's peanut butter cups, but you get the idea. Graham lovers need to try this one right now.

On Second Scoop: Since the S'mores blizzard is going to be with us all summer long, it seems logical that some of you might try and mix things up a bit at some point. So, for the summer solstice, I headed over to DQ and grabbed myself a chocolate S'mores blizzard (as in one made with chocolate soft-serve instead of vanilla). It looks great doesn't it? The marshmallow really stands out against the darker background, plus the chocolate and graham combo is working really well. Oh if only the awesomeness had continued but unfortunately my blizzard had double the marshmallow that it should have and in time it wore me down. I couldn't even finish my blizzard. Oh DQ, why can you not be the same every time?

Verdict?  Love it
Buy Again?  Yup!


  1. I was very curious about this one when I received their email this week. I'll have to give it a shot!

  2. I had this one Monday and absolutely adored it! It reminded me so much of the TH Graham Slam minus the processed grit. The fresh grit is much tastier :d

  3. Ok So My husband and I big Fans of The Nosh! We LOVE you guys!! We listen to you together while our 14 month old naps! Anyway, remembered you saying there was a Lack of advertising for the S'mores Blizard when I found this http://www.ispot.tv/ad/7ndN/dairy-queen-smores-blizzard-fans

    Unfortunately, I've been let down by our central pa location I haven't tried a blizzard since 2010 cause they are missing flavor! Ive tried a mint chocolate girl scout cookie feature and when that was ick ordered a Peanut Butter cup one and that didnt even taste like it! it' s sad! Consistency isn't that you can turn it upside down its all soupy! Deffinatly, not the ones from my childhood. Man, I miss The Dennis the Menace DQ days!

    Then again, maybe cause I Know how it could be makes it disappointing.

    Oh, and we grew up on TNT so, we'd totally try your Ben and Jerry's concoction! Haha

  4. not sure why some DQ's have trouble with keeping the softserve frozen (was it a real busy time?)

    Did you manage to get the s'mores blizzard or are you still trying to track it down?

    oh, and to clarify, DQ had plenty of advertisting in social media, but I was referring to a lack of in-store advertising.

    Don't give up hope!

  5. I feel like I went to the same dq as the Anon went to when I was in pa...My first blizzard while it had flavor, it was a bit soupy and was kind of a let down.

  6. In sure they have it, I just haven't worked up the courage to Waste my Ice Cream points on it. My husband says "just try the mini if it sucks we'll go to Mack's and get the Good Stuff". It's so difficult when the Good Hard Stuff is close by!

    The last time they even screwed up the mix-ins. They Pulverised them! Pointless and no flavor!

    Ahh I see if I go I'll check for Advertising. I'm a nut for that stuff. I'm digging the DQ on the chocolate pieces. I really do miss the old stuff though. Remember when they used Dennis the Menace and Denny's had the Flintstones and McDonald's had promoted and used their own characters? Whatever happened to all that?

    I really Can't Stand Melty/Soupy Ice Cream.
    I stalk the Wendy's drive thru till the last car has left lol cause they Always make your Frosty before handing other customers their hot food. Guaranteed you'll get glorified chocolate milk!

    Nick: Our closest is in York. It moved like a block closer and is now next to our local grocery store. Although, I hear the hot food isn't very good at all.

  7. Anon, I can't remember where I stopped. I know it's not by York and it was off 81 on the way back to New York.

  8. Ok, so got a mini today. Ewww! Worst Sour Cream taste both my husband and I agreed and immediately pitched the thing. It was nasty and even that little bit dried our mouths out! Hoping whatever we try tonight to replace this travesty (either Tollhouse ice cream cookie Sandwhich or M & M cookie Sandwhich or something is better then that was) It was that sour cream note the ice cream had that made me spit it out, I couldn't take it. The little chocolate march mellow piece seemed ok but the base or something was way off.

  9. Oh and the chunks if graham were so Pulverised they were saw dust like dots. No actually little pieces or anything just the stuff you find like at the bottom of the cereal box!

  10. Dear Anon, you might want to attempt to get your money back. the marshmallow is potent but there's no way it should have tasted like that!

  11. I definitely need to try this before it is gone. Dubba just a question- What is your favorite Blizzard flavor?


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