Wednesday, May 21, 2014

PSA: New Perry's French Roast Coffee Ice Cream

[New for 2014] I was talking to Perry's a few weeks back and they asked if I wanted to try their new 2014 flavors. See, they had just announced their new 2014 ice cream stand flavors, so I thought they were going to send samples of those like they did last year but instead they sent their three new flavors for the freezer aisle. Now I've already picked up their all natural dark chocolate ice cream and their very fun Otto's Cupcake from Wegman's, so that just leaves one new flavor to show you.

Perry's French Roast Coffee Ice Cream

So this isn't a full review in so much as a quick sampling to verify it's a fine mainstream ice cream. They say it's robust and I won't argue that. It's got that strong coffee flavor that I know many of you love. Me? I just don't dig that dry, "burnt" flavor on my tastebuds.... so after making a breakfast sundae with this one, I made a decent shake with several scoops of this, some milk, and a bunch of nesquik (it was actually pretty decent).

That's it. If you like coffee, give this a try. If you are hoping for a sweeter flavor with a mild coffee vibe, go look somewhere else. Thanks to Perry's for the free samples!

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