Thursday, April 11, 2013

Perry's Oh My, Cherry Pie! Ice Cream Stand Flavor

[New for 2013] How very awesome is it that earlier today I'm looking at this Perry's facebook photo and then a few hours later the exact same flavor is waiting for me on my doorstep? So Cool!
OH YEAH!! All the new scoop shop flavors are here, including Movie Theatre and Sponge Candy, but since today's announcement was for Oh My, Cherry Pie!, let's start there first.

Described as Vanilla ice cream with cherry and graham cracker swirls, I can't tell you how excited I am. One of my very firsts post on this blog (almost 5 years ago) was my idea for a cherry pie ice cream. I mean, I was so excited, I actually tried to make the flavor a few months later. Ahhhhh I'm so excited! (breathe Dubba, just breathe!)

I love the fresh packed look of this! It's just begging to be eaten! 

I take my first bite. Mmmmmmm, fresh from the store goodness! I take another bite. OH YEAH! THERE'S THE CRUMB SWIRL! Delightful! It's flavorful, sweet, and providing the gritty texture I adore. I must find more of it! I take yet another bite. Ahhhh, and there's a nice hit of cherry pie filling. Mmmm. It's sweet and not very tart, just the way I like it.

Mmmmm, I'm totally digging this. I don't think I've ever had true cherry pie ice cream and this tastes fresh from the ice cream stand. I wish I had a fresh cone to put it in.

If you are worried about the cherry overpowering everything, well, don't be. It's distinctly a swirl and there is plenty of base vanilla to go around. I'm trying to get a nice blend on my spoon every time. It's oh so nice to have a flavor that's not overrun by amaretto or maraschino.

Oh I love the swirl, it tastes like it's fresh out of one of my mom's sweet cherry pies, the kind I like with lots of sugar (she knows me well!). I should probably share this with my wife shouldn't I? Do I have to? She  can't miss it if she doesn't try it..... ok, I let her have some and she agrees, it's good... and there's still some left, it's mine all mine!

I should save this one but I can't, I'm having too much fun digging for more swirl. I can't get enough of the graham that still tastes fresh and clean, not soggy. This ice cream itself has got a nice soft, mainstream texture, which is working well with a flavor that varies from spoonful to spoonful. Sometimes it's a mild cherry, sometimes it's some, sometimes you get that magical spot that's got a ton of sweet liquid-y swirl to remind you it's all about the cherries. My love of cherry pie is clouding my judgement isn't it?

Nice job Perry's! Thank you for making such a neat flavor and then taking the time to send me a free sample. Apparently there was a local taste testing at Perry's at the end of March and so the delivery above is kind of an extension of that idea. I personally thing it's genius. It's a double scoop serving size of each of the new flavors and it's just smart marketing to get the blogosphere involved like this. Well that and I just love playing along at home, hehehe. Thanks again guys.  I can't wait to see which flavor you announce tomorrow.

Verdict?  Love It

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