Monday, May 26, 2008

Thinking of a new flavor: Cherry Pie

As I was typing the Cherry Garcia review, I started thinking about a nice slice of cold Cherry Pie (I like my ice cream frozen and my pie cold). Basically, while I don't like Cherries, I do love Sugars & Cherry. I grew up on a Cherry Pie with a nice thick sugary crumb topping, mmmm, good stuff any time of day (yeah, that includes breakfast).

So, for your mental taste buds, I would like to suggest Cherry Pie ice cream with chunks of sugar crumb topping. Now I don't have a lab to work out the exact ratios, but I think it could work. I did a quick search and back in 2004, Good Humor released a Cherry Pie Ice Cream Bar, but there is no mention of it on their site anymore.....ok, browsing Coldstone Creamery website, they do have a cherry pie filling mix in. Hmm, no sugar crumb topping, but they have graham cracker. Not sure which ice cream to mix in, whether it would be sweet creme, french vanilla, or maybe on a rogue choice cheesecake, but I don't know. Hmmm, sounds like I need to go on a field trip.

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