Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Friendly's Caramel Cream Sundae Cup

Ok, Nick spied this "limited edition" Friendly's sundae cup awhile ago, but they just happened to be on sale for a buck a piece this morning so I decided to finally give in and try it.

Friendly's Caramel Cream Sundae Cup
Our premium vanilla ice cream, topped with caramel, whipped topping and chocolate chips

Dubba's Note: remember that the secret to these cups is to let them sit out for a few minutes until the sauce warms up and becomes more like a regular sundae.

Now overall, this treat looks great. I love the big poof of whip cream on top, it's something I don't remember from their early sundae to-go cups. It's a very dense whipped cream, but it's that solid yet fake whipped cream you find on some treats and fast food joints. In other words, I've sampled it, and I'm not a huge fan.

Wow, I dig in and oh man that caramel is strong, and not in a rich, buttery, all natural kind of way. It's not completely terrible, but it's making me pause for a moment. I take a few more bites and the sauce is really overwhelming the flat (aka somewhat flavorless) vanilla ice cream it's covering. Sure the chocolate chips give you a tiny break here and there, but there just aren't enough of them to balance things out.

I'm not easily bowled over by potent ingredients, but the sauce is too much for me, it really is. I'm about 40% in to this treat and to be honest, I don't really want to finish it.... so, I mixed everything together. It's not great, but it's better. The flavor is no longer beating my taste buds senseless and the texture is more reasonable.

See, I'm not sure how to say it, but the caramel sauce is... literally thick (as opposed to what you think of when I say thick and rich). It's almost spongy. So when mixed with the soft (light?) ice cream inside, the texture is better, but it still has this kind of gumminess (or poof) to it. Ok, hopefully you know what I mean because I'm doing a terrible job trying to explain it. It's weird, let's put it that way.

So, have I scared you off yet? No, seriously, why aren't you scared off yet? Only try these if you must AND if they are on sale. I know I won't be going back for seconds.

Verdict?  Too fake, too potent
Buy Again?  No way


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, does "whip cream" refer to a different product than "whipped cream?"

Dubba Scoops said...

slow day? (fixed)