Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cedar Crest Caramel Collision Ice Cream

[By Nick] Last up from the trio of Cedar Crest pints I ordered from Ice Cream Source is Cedar Crest Caramel Collision ice cream.

This one is made up of caramel ice cream, a caramel swirl and chocolate covered caramel cups. I’m not going to lie, after my lackluster experience with the caramel in their Turtle Sundae, I was a bit hesitant in trying this one. I couldn’t taste the caramel at all in that flavor and every component of this one involves caramel.

Removing the lid, I’m surprised that there’s no protective seal like in the Elephant Tracks pint. The container ever advertises a tamper resistant inner seal so I’m not sure how mine went missing. My freezer really took its toll on this flavor with the lack of protective seal.

Digging some of the ice cream out, I’m able to find some ice cream that’s salvageable and isn’t freezer burnt. The base isn’t as dense as I’d prefer but it has a strong sweet caramel flavor which I wasn’t expecting. I’d like for there to be more buttery or saltiness to the flavor profile but it’s not as overwhelming like Stonyfield’s Crème Caramel. While not so apparent in the photo, the dime sized caramel cups are quite prevalent.

Their flavor reminds me of milk duds, very sweet but with more butteriness than the base. As for the caramel swirl, well I couldn’t find it at all. I didn’t see any in the part I discarded either. Even if it was there, I couldn’t see it making this one anything more than average. I love caramel but this one just isn’t doing it for me.

Verdict?  Meh
Buy Again?  Nope

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