Sunday, August 28, 2011

State of the Freezer Address
The Hurricane Edition

Well, it's already been a fun morning. At approximately 4:52AM the power went out. At approximately 4:52AM and about 10 seconds, my daughter "woke up" and noticed the lack of power. She's not a big fan of the dark. To our great surprise, the power came back on at 8. About ten minutes later, our first tree came down... no where near the power lines hehehehe. So, we've been busy doing our morning routine in prepartion for the next power outage (or lack there of, fingers crossed!).

So here is the freezer as of a few days ago. It's actually a bit fuller now, but beside that, you get the idea. A power outage would be a huge loss. I think we may actually have a taste testing party to be on the safe side. Granted, I do have a generator if all else fails, so I will try to keep things cool!

Poll Results

Poll #1: Should the blog jump on the facebook bandwagon?

Yes, full integration! : 11 (13%)
just a facebook page : 14 (17%)
Don't care : 22 (27%)
Please don't!! : 33 (41%)
Votes so far: 80

Ok, that seems like a pretty good reason not to waste my time with facebook. Instead, I will divert my energy into a new layout (I've got two seperate ideas in my head, I'd love to make them both work, we'll see!)

Poll #2: What's the better way to cool off?
Ice Cream Cone : 36 (24%)
Bowl of Ice Cream : 55 (37%)
Shake (Frappe) : 26 (17%)
Anything! : 31 (20%)
Votes so far: 148

Not sure why I never thought to ask this question before. I'm actually torn between an ice cream cone (in a shady spot with a cool breeze) or a go anywhere shake. You can see a Harris Poll that asks a similar question (SANS shake).

In closing

Ok, as long as we have power, I'm going to try to get out a few reviews to catch up. (HA! I just checked google analytics and for some reason no one is looking up ice cream right now)

AHHH, the power is flickering!!

UPDATE: We had lost power from 5-8am on Sunday. It came back on so I did some hurricane prep and quick threw up this post. Not 2 minutes after I hit publish did the power go back out til almost 8PM. I checked on the ice cream at around 9:30 and it was all super soft. To be honest, I'm not even sure it's good... which is pretty depressing considering the amount of ice cream I have in that chest freezer (among other things). The annoying thing is the power went out again at 7AM and could still be off.


  1. I'm in MD and am very grateful not to have lost power last night. If I had I was going to use it as an excuse to eat the Kemps cookies and creme frozen yogurt in my freezer.

    Love the blog btw!

  2. Hope your saft the hurricane just hit me yesterday aka staurday

  3. boo. I wanted to see you in my facebook feed.

  4. That's terrible, your ice cream should be insured against such harm, being a business expense and all.

    Now, since my parents moved themselves into more rural surroundings, they had to contend with mudslides and power outages that would last days (the area is lower priority than denser areas during storms). So, they had a generator installed, and it's no toy; it can completely power everything in a 3,000 square foot house for days on end running off the natural gas and kicks on within 8 seconds of an outage.

    In summary, I feel for you, and I think everyone should get to enjoy a legitimate backup system.

  5. @Anon: Thanks!

    @Robert: we're good!

    @Anon: I will try, it's just not a top priority yet

    @Julien: I forgot to mention in my update that the generator didn't start, but I don't use it much. Someone actually gave it to me 10 years ago because "it wouldn't start".... that was because the starter was full of acorns! I cleaned it out and the thing started right up.


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