Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chris's Cookies
...and other discoveries

Greetings!! Hopefully your weekend was better than ours! Nothing takes a holiday from fun to none quicker than not one, but both of our poor kids being sick. It's July 4th weekend, it's suppose to be fun and enjoyable... oh well, beats that time we got into a holiday accident on the parkway.

With the kids sick, I had to make the solo run to Whole Foods. While most of my time was spent in other aisles, I did take a quick break and spend a few minutes in the freezer section. Now usually I just kind of randomly grab what's good and bring it home, but since I'm so far from home, and since it is so hot out, I decided to make a list of what I saw and see if anyone has any recommendations.

Oh, before I forget, I saw this pint container. It's intended for homemade ice cream but it kind of looks like its big enough to hold a pint as well --- hmmm, lots of people complaining it's hard to open.

Ok, on to the all natural list of frozen treats, feel free to make suggestions in the comments (or in the new suggestion box in the right hand column of the page)

Alden's Organic All Natural ice cream looks good, and I can pick it up at Shaws too (which I will do one of these days).

Vanilla Bean, Blackberry, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Mint Chip, Strawberry, Butter Brittle, Peanut Butter & Chip, Cookies & Cream

Sweet Scoops frozen yogurt was started out by none other than Bob Colombosian, you know, Colombo yogurt! He sold the scoop shop long ago and the company now sells throughout New England.

Flavors: Black Raspberry, Coffee Cookies & Cream, Dutch Chocolate Chip, Madagascar Vanilla, Ginger, Mint Chip, Mudslide with Chocolate Chunks, Wild Maine Blueberry (seasonal), and Pumpkin (seasonal)

Oh boy, the "handmade artisan gelato and sorbet" of Cold Fusion Gelato. Gelato is slowly winning me over, especially with flavors like "Dark Chocolate Brownie".

(Too many flavors to list)

Sorbet tends not to get a whole lot of freezer aisle love, but Blue Moon Sorbet is still trying to get your attention (and I'm afraid to find out if it deserves it)

Blackberry Lime, Pear Giner, Raspberry Cassis, Lemon Zest, Mango Passion, Red Raspberry, Peach Melba, Wild Blueberry, Grapefruit Campari & Strawberry Daiquiri.

More gelato from Gelato Guiliana.

Giovanna Gelato e Sorbet... I know, sounds like the last one, but they appear to be a smaller company. They have a "white chocolate cranberry" gelato, now that sounds different.

Last one, Bindi Sorbetto. Their website makes me think they are a restaurant supplier and not really aimed at consumers, as in their website is making me not hungry.... OH MY, I think I just hurt my brain. Click here and check out the "Dream Bomba" = "A heart of caramel surrounded by peanut butter gelato, coated in milk chocolate and decorated with peanut butter drizzle". Oh man, I need about 2 dozen of those stat!!

Actually, let me mention one more thing. Rice Dream and Almond Dream are getting quite creative as they try to attract the non-dairy cow. You can now get Rice Dream and Almond Dream Bites, as well as the Rice Dream "sandwiches" you see below (rice dream ice cream in a chocolate shell... looks kinda messy to hold)

...OOPS! forget to mention Chris's Cookies (the whole point of this post). I thought my daughter would enjoy some of these "ultra premium" cookies when she was feeling better so I brought them home. I tried turning them into an ice cream sandwich but it just didn't work out well. Granted, I didnt have the appropriate ice cream handy to fill it with, but still, there's just something not quiet right about these cookies.


mandy_Reeves said...

hmm...will have to get to one of the organic healthy stores and find the rice dream ice cream sandwiches.

Do you know if Tofutti is still around? Just curious

Dubba Scoops said...

Tofutti is definitely still around! They make several products too now (look in the organic section of your local grocery store, they're probably there)