Sunday, July 4, 2010

DQ Blizzard of the Month : Pecan Pie Blizzard

[September 2021 Update] DQ is touting the "new" Pecan Pie blizzard. The only difference I can see between that and the 2010 version is "brown sugar pie pieces" vs "crispy pie crust pieces". If you give it a try, let me know what you think.

[Original 2010 Review] 
Yay! I actually made it to DQ at the beginning of the month!

Ok, here's the official shot of the Dairy Queen Pecan Pie blizzard. It's "packed with roasted pecans, crispy pie crust pieces and caramel blended with creamy vanilla soft serve".

And here's mine, complete with... WHIP CREAM! Nope, I didn't ask for it that way, that's just the way it was handed to me (the server did apologize that the whip cream "just exploded"). I don't think I've had whip cream on a blizzard before, and it's not mentioned in the description, but hey, THUMBS UP! Take that Pecan Pie vibe all the way!

The good news is that I like it. When I tried Gile's Butter Pecan Frozen Custard, I was dismayed that the salty pecan flavor was overriding everything. Well, the DQ pecans are salty, but since the base is still vanilla, their intense flavor is brought down a notch. The pecan flavor is still strong, as is that underlying salty vibe, but not so much as to ruin the harmony between salty snack and creamy soft serve.

How are the pie pieces? Nice, I just wish there were a few more. They are thin and have a graham cracker crust consistency. They must have been added last because the pieces were still fairly large.

The caramel swirl? Ummm, there's a caramel swirl? Are you sure, because I didn't taste one. Maybe they forgot, or maybe I can't taste it, but I don't care, I'd rather have the whip cream anyway. Actually, let me put it this way. The wonder that is whip cream helps bring the pecans down another notch... shame there wasn't more whip cream!

So, is this for everyone? Probably not. Will pecan lovers love it? Yes! Will nut lovers like it? Yes! Will a squirrel try to steal it from you? Iunno, it depends on how much you taunt him with it I guess. This is another nice, fresh, unique blizzard. Nice job DQ.

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Hettar7 said...

I wish there was a DQ nearby now. I loves me some Pecan Pie. I'll try anything called Pecan Pie. Heck, anything resembling Pecan Pie!