Saturday, May 8, 2010

State of the Freezers Address

I'm sorry, I had a nice big speech planned out to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of my first blog post... and then life happened as usual. Sure, I finally sat down sometime after 9, but I had set my mind on switching out the current template before the anniversary was over. I stumbled upon the template generator in draft blogger, so what you see before you now... well, at least it's different right. If I can (and I know i most likely wont), I will sit down tomorrow and see if I can't make it a bit more freezer themed.

This is the basement freezer and I seriously need to chill out with buying products labeled new (or limited). There's the new klondikes, new breyers, blue bunny stuff, there are several pints of ben & jerry's, another sleeve of skinny cow sandwiches, limited edition strawberry starbucks and that's just what you can see. I really new to go through there because underneath there is stone ridge creamery, turkey hill, a couple of haagen-dazs pints, etc etc etc. The crazy snackaholic in me just wants to eat this stuff day in, day out and have a ball. The sane part of me realizes that eating like that may make it hard to play with my grandchildren some day. Some ice cream makes you happy. Too much ice cream makes you.... not appreciate ice cream as much as you should.

(You dont want to know how many half eaten containers are upstairs.... I need to spring clean)

Ok, I need to go to bed, but I would just like to thank everyone for sticking around. As always, I strongly encourage you to post your own reviews whenever a flavor comes up here on the blog. There are a lot of marketing people reading this site and they appreciate your opinion even more than I do.

Good Night!


Anonymous said...

Love the new look for the blog! Very fancy.
And I want your pint of Turtle Soup; that's one of my top three B&J's flavors, and I can't get it when I'm up at University. I need you to ship it to me so I can make it through final exams.

Dubba Scoops said...


When I was at Ben & Jerry's they said that if you ask your grocer nicely, it's not hard for them to order you a sleeve (8pack) of your favorite flavor -- I have not tried this personally though.

Unknown said...

Love the new look!
I have freezer envy now. But if it makes you feel better mine is full of Ben & Jerry's, Ciao Bella, Haagen-Dazs and Pineapple Dreyers Fruit Bars (I am addicted)