Saturday, May 8, 2010

Skinny Cow Fudge Bars

My reserve of skinny cow fudge pops has long since been depleted (probably from eating them 2 at a time), but thankfully they were on sale. As I went to grab the box, I noticed Skinny Cow fudge bars were also on sale. Assuming a fudge bar was basically a giant fudge pop, I decided that now seemed like a good time them.

There are six in a box

Ok, that's not exactly what I was expecting

Let me get right to my point: This looks terribly unappetizing. I know I'm being picky, but it's not helping that it looks like it may have melted a bit and sagged in the process (the bottom had ice crystals). To be brutally honest: I just lost all urge to eat this treat.

But this is a review blog, so we never give up, we never surrender. I took a bite and I immediately knew this was not a fudge pop. It doesn't have that fudgscicle flavor. No No, this is basically a wad of low fat ice cream on a teeny tiny little stick. it's not a whole lot of fun to eat either. The whole time I was worried in was going to end up on my shirt ...or my pants ....or the chair ...or the floor. I've been spoiled by a lifetime of some kind of chocolately coating around my ice cream. Fudge pops are simple and enjoyable. The light chocolate ice cream isn't even awful by any means, it just seems that these fudge bars are a race to eat it before it goes everywhere.

Side note: Skinny cow has contacted me because I've reported what appears to be splinters on the curved stick. They werent giant splinters, just a few thin shards maybe a 1/16th of an inch long. They won't kill me, but I'm watching out for them now. Maybe the stick cutting blades were a little dull that day.


Anonymous said...

The last THREE boxes of Skinny Cow chocolate truffle ice cream bars I bought, which are delicious, I found splinters from the stick stuck to the ice cream. I shouldnt have to inspect my snack before eating it!!

Unknown said...

The fudge bars will not FREEZE!! They remained half melted in the freezer

Unknown said...

Mine too. Will not freeze. Had to eat with a spoon as stick pulls right out.