Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eskimo Pie "Snack Size" Flavored Bars

Ok, one of the the treats buried in my freezer (and my foggy memory) was a box of...

Eskimo Pie Nestle Butterfinger Crisp Flavored Bars
and Nestle Crunch Crisp Flavored Bars

Now when I say buried, I mean I first opened this box a good 3 months ago at the beginning of October. The Eskimo Pie products always grab my attention, maybe because they've been "Pleasing Families Since 1921". The problem is whenever I go to grab a box, I flip it over and see the nutritional info. It's not pretty. Each bar weighs over just an ounce yet has 5g of saturated fat in it (8g total). Yes, just like those new Hood bars I was complaining about on Friday. I just don't get why a "snack" has to be this unhealthy. It's not like you can eat just one and go "yeah, I'm good". Seriously, do you ever eat the 2 cookie "serving" on a box of Oreos and go "yeah, I'm good"? No, you go back for a second serving (and when I was a kid, a third serving). Sorry, I'm venting, let's get to the treat.

Ok, here's a tough one: which is which? The Butterfinger is the one with the bits ....can't tell can you? it's OK! I know which is which because I just took the picture, but honestly, there is no discernible difference between the two on the outside. The Crunch is on the left, Butterfinger on the right. Here, let's make it more obvious.

Sorry about the image quality on the right, but as you can now guess, the brown Crunch is still on the left and the mildly orange Butterfinger is on the right. I guess I expected rice bits or something in my crunch, but no such luck. I guess in the end it wouldn't matter if the shell was a respectable facsimile of the candy bars they mimic.

Now my memory is a little fuzzy from October, so I thought I would try the ones I had left in the freezer but they weren't so good anymore ...ok, I sampled one of the Crunches (which kinda tasted like butterfinger) but the Butterfinger had turned quite funky and quickly "retired" to the trash can.

No worries, we'll go with what  I do remember, and what I remember is being unimpressed. The Butterfinger reminded me of the King Sized Butterfinger I had forever ago. Unfortunately, that is not a compliment. It's ok, it just doesn't wow me like I want it to. I'll stick to regular butterfingers ...or 5th avenues ...or ....Oh nevermind. The Crunch is also ok, but it's just so underwhelming. I like my candy flavored ice cream to remind me of eating my favorite treat, and that just doesn't happen here on either count.

To wrap up, I'll close with what might be a running theme on the blog. I'm OK with calories and fat content as long as the treat is awesome enough to justify said fat and calories. Is that too much to ask? am I being to picky? I have no problem snacking on Ben & Jerry's now and then because the taste is worth it.

Ok companies, time to either give me a healthier treat or a tastier treat. Now drop the partially hydrogenated oils and go build me a real treat. I'll be here waiting.

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