Monday, October 13, 2008

Treat of the Week:
Butterfinger Ice Cream Bar


Oh no!! Watch out for the giant ice cream!

Well, I think my days of lunchtime reviews are over for now. The closest spot with ice cream is a little lunch counter that's about a six minute walk away. The selection is light, but better than nothing I guess. We have the usual suspects: ice cream sandwich, ice cream cookie sandwich, 2 kinds of Drumsticks, Strawberry Shortcake bar, a few other things, and then my choice for the day, a "King Size" Butterfinger Ice Cream bar.

So, we've got "BUTTERFINGER ice cream dunked in thick chocolatey coating and crunchety bits", but "Frozen fun on a stick?" At a $1.80 and 60% of my saturated fat for the day, I would answer No, not really. It tasted alright, but it just didn't hit the spot. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it. Iunno, it's been a long long time, but I remember the flavor being more potent, more butterfingery, but what I got was pretty mild (maybe it was older than it looked).

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