Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blogging Backfire

Update: These have been quietly retired. I guess my criticism wasn't too harsh after all.

We just went to try Ben & Jerry's flipped out! peanut butter chocolate treats. Something is seriously off with the fudge on these, so I need to go write to B&J and see what's up. There's no way the taste of that fudge is normal....
Update: Ok, someone just commented how that taste is normal (and disgusting). That can't be right ...can it? I just searched the internet but unfortunately most people are commenting on how good it looks, not how good it tastes. I'll let you know what Ben & Jerry's says.

2nd Update: Tuesday afternoon and still no email from B&Js, hmmmm, they must be sending a letter like many others companies have done in the past. You know, my daughter was unamused at me taking her ice cream from her that day, but I made it up to her with some Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream with whip cream, Reese's pieces, and a little nesquik on top.

Final Update: 2 weeks later and I have received my "replacement" coupon for another pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I know, I didn't buy a pint, but those are the coupons they have, so that's what I got. I guess I expected a little more info on the fudge sauce, so I feel a little jipped at the moment.


Anonymous said...

We have tried the brownie and the cookie dough version and the fudge is off. No one in the house will eat them because it tastes so fowl. You didn't get a bad batch, the product sucks.

jperonto said...

I love this product and have had it at least 5 times. Love the fudge brownie one.