Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oreo Ice Cream from Uhlman's

I'm sorry to say I made one of my final Uhlman's trips today (well, unless we stop this weekend). For several minutes, I've been debating to give the good news or the bad/good news first: let's go good news, this is an ice cream blog after all.

Ok, beautiful day, Uhlman's last day of the season is Monday, and I could use some ice cream. I wanted to keep the new flavor streak alive, so I put away the urge for Milky Way and went with Oreo. I knew they wouldn't let me down, and they didn't. A fantastic Vanilla with plenty of fresh Oreo cookie chunks that have been fantastically blended throughout. As always, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Ok, now for bad/good news: Two weeks ago I mentioned having a "rough day". The division I watch over got a new owner, and while I was told my job was secure, they changed their minds and I got laid off by my division ...but thanks to my very cool boss, I was then immediately rehired by our corporate office. Today was actually the first (and probably only) day I went back since the layoff and it was kinda weird. It wasn't easy going back, I think I earned my ice cream treat today. I would just like to say, good fortune and paychecks to us all in the coming months.

(Again, VERY BIG THANKS to my boss)

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