Friday, October 10, 2008

Walgreens Cake Batter Ice Cream

Yet another busy day. I didn't get to take a break until after 2:30 ...ok, technically I've been thinking about ice cream since about 10:30. I decided to head out for a pint of Walgreens goodiness. Actually, let me be more specific. I know Walgreens makes a respectable ice cream, but can they nail the flavor down right?

Walgreens Cake Batter Ice Cream
Cake Batter Flavored Ice Cream with Thick Fudge Icing

They don't serve "Bear Claw" in a pint, so I decided to go out on a limb and try Cake Batter. I'm always skeptical of these flavors, and it does fail the taste test, but not where I thought it would. It's described as cake batter flavored ice cream with thick fudge icing. The cake batter flavor is decent: it tastes like cake batter and it's not overpowering. I was ready for flashbacks to party cake but instead I got something much more palatable. Then we have the semi-prevalent fudge swirl. It tastes very much like a thick icing, though it doesn't taste like a GOOD icing, just something generic.

I ate about a about a third of the container and then headed back to work. My problem with the ice cream is that it's boring. The swirl just doesn't satisfy. I would have been much happier with brownie chunks. mmmmmmm. brownie ...oh sorry, anyway. They have the base, it just needs that !BAM! to make it a must buy.

Oh yeah, the aftertaste was iffy at best....

On the way home I had another thought: You know those nice bakery cakes with a layer of fruit filling? Well, what about a cake batter base with maybe a nice raspberry swirl? Hmmm, technically I could adding some and see how it goes.

Nutrition: 140/50/0/2

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