Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hola Fruta! Pomegranate & Blueberry Sherbet

I was very excited to see Hola Fruta! on sale this week, and if the freezer wasn't full, I would have bought a couple, not just one. It's $3.99 a quart at Shaw's this week instead of the usual $5.49. Sure, it's a lot for sherbet, but I was pretty confident I would enjoy whatever I picked. Well, I had a half dozen choices in front of me, but after the first test, I knew I wanted to go with the Pomegranate & Blueberry next. Why? Because I've never had a sherbet in either flavor, and if I was going to try a new sherbet, this brand is the way to go.

For whatever reason, I assumed the flavors would be mixed, but you actually get a nice clean, mild pomegranate on one side, and then a nice fruit chunk filled blueberry on the other side. Not big chunks mind you, these are very finely blended pieces well scattered throughout the sherbet. Both taste real nice, and you can put them together in whatever ratio you want. My only odd thought is that for whatever reason, this flavor gave me a massive urge to grab a salty snack.

Mmmmm, the Hola Fruta! website shows this flavor with a big slice of angel food cake, I bet that's good!

On Second Scoop: MMMMMM, so good

Nutrition: 150/10-0.5/0/1

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