Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eat an Extra Dessert Day!

So I have my nice Turkey Hill calendar at work, but at home in the cabinet I have this wacky calendar from HP. On it, every day is described as something, whether an important date in history, someone's birth (or death) day, or some crazy holiday. Today is "Eat an Extra Dessert Day"! This is not to be confused with national dessert day in October.

Wow, you can't even really google this supposed day, how strange. So, how will you celebrate a day that no one has ever heard of? Does this mean I can justify going to Uhlman's and DQ on the same day? No ...that would be wrong ...wrong-ish ...mmmm, now I'm hungry, that's not true, I was hungry before I started drooling about a blizzard in one hand and a double scoop of Uhlman's in the other.

Update: Ok, I didn't go 2 desserts at the same time, but I did sneak in an extra one. I helped myself to a bit of Edy's apple pie when I got home, then for my evening dessert I dug into some sherbet.

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