Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's all about the passion

First off, I'm honored that Turkey Hill has added On Second Scoop to their list of links on the mighty Turkey Hill and Breyer's make excellent ice creams. I use to eat Turkey Hill as a kid but lost touch when I moved to New England. Thankfully, back in 1999 (I think), I remember the big advertising campaign announcing they were coming to the area and I was really excited. It's great to have another set of ice creams to pick from at the store. Actually, I also like to thank them for this post in particular. Sure you could claim it's just marketing, but I took it as a genuine post to the devoted lovers of Turkey Hill ice cream.

Ok, so, if you are new to this blog, then welcome! About a year ago, I started to realize just how much I love ice cream. Think about it? Stuck on a desert island, what one type of food would taste great? It keeps you cool, lots of variety, and it's decent for you (when it's not too fatty anyway). The only downside is that at some point you will reach the bottom of the bowl.

For whatever reason, back in May, it finally dawned on me that there are very few sites dedicated to ice cream. I remember trying to start a movie site in the 90s, but it never took off because they're are just too many and you get lost in the shuffle. However, I'm hoping to have better success with this blog. I know not everyone will agree will my opinions, but the idea is to get everyone to slow down just a bit and really enjoy their ice cream. You know, think about why it hits the spot or maybe think about trying a new flavor. Feeling flustered at work? Go take an ice cream break! Sitting on a bench enjoying an ice cream is way better than waiting in drive thru for a Big Mac made from Grade E beef (yeah, I flipped burgers as a kid).

So hopefully my posts about my passion for ice cream will help you realize your own passion for that tasty stuff that's calling to you from the freezer.

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