Friday, September 5, 2008

Chocolate Chocolate Chip from Uhlman's

I am one very tired and worn out ice cream reviewer. I've been battling a cold since Tuesday, but I think I can manage to force myself over to Uhlman's. I'm thinking an icy cold chocolate pick me up will help me get through the final working hours of the day.

Wow, Uhlman's is pretty busy today, maybe it's a friday thing. I look over the menu and spy chocolate chocolate chip ice cream. Oh yeah, that sounds perfect. As always, I'm handed a very generous "small" and go find myself a nice spot in the shade. It's fantastic of course. The chocolate is great, and I'm revisited by a plentiful supply of the big chocolate chips that I saw in the black raspberry chip. Yet again, the flavor is spot on and I enjoyed every bite.

Now, for the big news!! I now know where Uhlman's gets all these great flavors come from: The Puritan Ice Cream Company, a family owned ice cream company for *FOUR* generations (1908 for those of you who like exact numbers). That's right, I apparently timed my trip just right and saw the delivery truck roll in. A very quick web search brings me to their website, including the flavor listing. Whoever designs the flavors over their is my new hero.

Now, Uhlman's carries most of the flavors listed, though right off the bat there is at least one notable exception in the form of Snickers. Their Milky Way is fantastic, so I'd love to see how they handle Snickers, my all time favorite candy bar. Every place has to carry ice cream from somewhere, and now I am honored to know where Uhlman's comes from.

The great news is, you may have a place serving Puritan Ice Cream near you, so go find it!

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