Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cotton Candy Ice Cream?
New Worst Flavor Ever*

All I can say is ...why would you do this to ice cream? We read the flavor list to my daughter and she wanted to try this as soon as she heard it. Just to make it extra special, it's BLUE! She also wanted rainbow sprinkles like the little boy who was eating one about 10 feet from this.

She dug in and was quite happy with her discovery. Being your faithful ice cream reviewer, I knew I couldn't pass up the chance to try it, even if it's just one bite...

Oh my word, this is disgusting! I found something that I despise more that Party Cake! I was very tempted to get back in line so I could buy something to wash down this monstrosity. Overall, I would say Cotton candy is a pretty rare flavor, and now I know why.

You know, for some strange reason, I swear I got a bit of a banana aftertaste among all the other nastiness. Sometimes one bite is all it takes....

*Note: This is a VERY OLD review. This or this is much more relevant.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Cotton Candy Ice Cream RULES!!!!
Oh, wait, I though we where talking about something else. Cotton Candy ice cream is kinda gross.

Ice Cream Taste Tester #503
Philly, Pa

Guy who has better taste than this blogger (factually) said...

Birthday Party (aka Birthday Cake) ice cream and Cotton Candy ice cream are the second best flavors tied, well also tied with Pistachio

Only bested by Licorice Ice cream - why don't you fakkin try that on for size and make a post about that good flavor and how you hate it.

You seem to hate the best flavors the most.

I cannot stand anything chocolate, and vanilla is ok I guess. Fruit in ice cream is abhorrent. Artificial Banana ice cream would be dope though.


Dubba Scoops said...

ummm, this is sarcasm right?