Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rocky Road from Elsie's Creamery

Well, we didn't score any good air show ice cream cones (because there were none), but we did spot Randall's Farm as we headed for the Pike. There was a good amount of people lined up for this Ludlow hotspot, so we patiently waited our turn to check out Elsie's Creamery.

They have a decent selection of homemade flavors, including one called Happyland (sorry, didn't get a chance to ask what was in it). For the adults out there, I even saw a flavor based on an certain adult beverage, but anyway. My wife spied Cherry Garcia, which they assured us was "Cherry Garcia" ...but afterwards she commented it was definitely not worthy of that name. I almost went with Caramel Almond swirl to be different, but instead I went with the gut, and the gut wanted chocolate: Rocky Road!

It was decent, nothing fantastic. The chocolate just wasn't that impressive, and you need to start with a good chocolate. There were some kind of nuts inside, but they didn't really come through. There where also shards of marshmallows, but again, not real noticeable. Hmmm, guess it all goes back to the chocolate, it overpowered everything and left me disappointed (but full).

So, Elsie's of Ludlow, I'll give you an OK review, but I won't be stopping by anytime soon ...well, it is an hour from my house, so it's not like I would be heading back anyway. On a side note though, they do also have a nice greenhouse which had some unique indoor plants plus a nice store with some local produce and half gallon's of Elsie's Ice Cream.

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