Saturday, June 14, 2008

Edy's Nestlé Drumstick Review

package design circa 2008 - frozen dairy dessert

Do you remember when I reviewed Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream how I said it reminded me of a Nestle Drumsticks? Well, Edy's was on sale at the grocery store this week. As I browsed, I was delighted to find that Edy's now makes a Drumstick flavor! Oh, I set my hopes way too high as I imaged it tasting just like Ben & Jerry's but at a 1/3 of the price.

So, I finally cracked open the container after 2 fun hours of mowing. Wow, I really set my expectations way too high. This tastes nothing like a Drumstick ...quite frankly, I'm offended. All I taste is cheap fudge. Sometimes you get a fudge covered peanut or a fudge covered waffle cone piece, but they both taste pretty much the same cheap fudge. I'll finish the container, but after that, I'm putting down my spoon and never buying this again. Fun Flavor? I think not! (2008 Nutrition: 160/60/0/2)

On Second Scoop: Yeah, that cheap fudge is still ruining everything.
packaging design circa 2011- light ice cream


  1. Why are you swearing at a seven year old review? Relax!

  2. I concur, no way he ate it and made that ridiculous review

  3. @Ss1: swearing is a great way to argue your point, especially against an 8 year old review. rock on with your bad self.

  4. Because I am dedicated to the cause (and I had nothing else to buy), I picked up a container of this and it's just as bad as I remember. I'm sorry to the angry commentors who feel this is some of the best ice cream ever.... you need to get out more. The peanuts are a nice switch up from most cone flavors, but the quality here is greatly lacking.

  5. It's... okay. Definitely not anything to write home about; I would not call it terrible or amazing though.

  6. To each his own, my bowl is full and I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!


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