Thursday, June 12, 2008

Topping of the Week: Pretzels

MMM, pretzels, my trusty friend, rarely does a day go by where I don't have some. For a long time, I couldn't eat a bowl of ice cream without chasing it with a serving or two or pretzels. If you've never had pretzels with ice cream ...well ...go buy a bag of pretzels!

Ok, so technically this doesn't classify it as a topping. Don't get me wrong, I've tried using it as a topping. With the thought of my long lost friend the pretzel cone, I have on occasion tried crushing pretzels and sprinkling them on top, but it's never the same. Sometimes I'll use them as a dipping stick, that works decent. Well, that was no deterrent to my daughter. She waited for her ice cream to melt and threw them in there, gave those pretzels a nice ice cream bath. Yeah......I hadn't gone quite that far, but hey, learn something new every day!

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