Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Grapenut Ice Cream from Uhlman's

The whole point of this blog is to expand our appreciation for ice cream. There's nothing wrong with picking up your favorite flavor from your favorite spot, but with so many flavors out there, we all need to try something new. And every now and then, well, we try something really different.

Before today, I had never even realized there was a grapenut flavored ice cream. To me, grapenuts are those great little crunchy bits I add to my yogurt (what can I say, I love crunching). But grapenuts in an ice cream? that can't be right ..can it ...could they ...are you sure? Well, my credentials as an ice cream reviewer were called into question today because I had never tried grapenut ice cream. Well, when challenged, I will step up! to the internet!

(photo is medium size grapenut ice cream from Uhlman's, circa 2019)

grapenut ice cream ...where are you hiding? I've never seen you at the grocery store, or Friendly's, and definitely not a DQ. Trombetta's Farm? Nope. Wait ...Uhlman's has it! And it's only 5 minutes from work... FIELD TRIP!!

So, for $3.75 I get myself a 'small' (if you can call it that) and start eating... and it's good! really good! It's not just grapenuts in vanilla ice cream, it's a great mild grapenut flavored ice cream, and the fresh soft grapenuts are everywhere! Wow, I'm really impressed. The great thing about setting your expectations low is that the pay off is that much sweeter! This is good, quality, homemade ice cream. Only rarely do you get a bite where the texture seems just a smidge off. Overall, it's really good. My only real complaint is that the glue from the sugar cone wrapper got stuck to the bottom of the cone so I couldn't eat the last 2 cone bites.

Not only did I taste a great new flavor, but I found myself a great new ice cream place to visit. Give this flavor a try next time you're out.

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