Sunday, June 9, 2024

We-Li-Kit Ice Cream

Wait, is it pronounced we-lick-it or we-like-it? Anyway, We headed down in to Pomfret, Connecticut yesterday to check out a place with homemade ice cream, because homemade ice cream. Now this is leading to a question, so stay with me for a moment here.

We-Li-Kit Purple Cow Ice Cream
black raspberry ice cream with white chocolate chips

So I got a scoop of their Purple Cow ice cream on top of a scoop of their new Black Forest ice cream. The best way I can describe the black forest is that it tastes an awful lot like a glazed chocolate cake donut. It had a decent amount of cherries, but I never noticed any of the cake/crunch mix-in that was supposed to be in there. It's quite intense, so I was happy to have the Purple Cow to balance it out.

My wife went with Raspberry Chip (vanilla with chocolate chips and a raspberry swirl) and "Ayrshire Chip" which was strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips. Both the black raspberry and the strawberry were very flavorful. It was nice to see strawberry ice cream get the respect it deserves.

Overall I thought the quality of their ice cream was very good. It's wasn't super dense, but it was fresh and all very flavorful, like, maybe one of my favorite black raspberry bases that I've had, at least in recent memory. I also got Purple Cow from Christopher's Homemade Ice Cream (shown below) and it was more dense, but the flavor didn't come across as well.

Doh, I just realized that unless you follow me on instagram, you may not realize that I've been on quite the black raspberry kick since last year. Whenever we go somewhere, I just default to black raspberry first and then everything else after.

Ok, still here? Good, because it's question time. Both Christopher's and We-Li-Kit appear to use regular chocolate chips and white chocolate chips in their ice creams. I do not get this, because in my mind, those kinds of chips are way too hard to be suspended in ice cream. 

Case in point: the chips at Christopher's were so plentiful and solid that I wound up cutting my gums up at one point. Thankfully the chips weren't as plentiful yesterday so I was able to avoid injury.

Alright, leave your thoughts in the comments and have a good week!

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