Thursday, June 20, 2024

Tillamook Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream

Everyone knows I love a good strawberry ice cream right? Well, this one ain't bad at all!

Tillamook Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream
"sweet strawberry ice cream with ripe Oregon strawberry pieces"

I think I prefer when the color isn't uniform on a fruit flavor.

Not super dense, but I see strawberry bits.

It's more flavorful than expected, and I think that's my favorite part. I'm definitely getting used to Tillamook texture, though I still think it's lighter in some flavors than others. For this flavorful flavor, the texture is just fine and I totally expect to buy more of these containers now that my beloved turkey hill strawberry all natural ice cream is getting harder and harder to find.

On Second Scoop: It's been over two months since I first bought this and I've now gone through a few containers of this one. I like it on it's own if I want lots of flavor, but it's also fun to mix with other things. I could mix it with chocolate for a fun choco-berry flavor, or sometimes I mix it with vanilla or strawberry all natural turkey hill ice cream to tweak the texture (and make it a bit more traditional). So yeah, another good one from Tillamook.

Full disclaimer: Over the last several months, Tillamook has kind of become of de facto ice cream choice now that all natural turkey hill is so limited in options. We get this one, cookie dough, and the white chocolate raspberry a lot. This strawberry is pretty much always in my freezer, though my preferred method to eat it is still to mix it with a bit of turkey hill strawberry all natural ice cream. I just love the way the two taste when mixed together.

June 2024 Note: Yeah, this review has been in the queue for a year.... so why am I posting it now even though I have a few new things hiding in the basement freezer? Well, I've just been on an ice cream mixing kick for the last several days. The ice cream aisle feels kind of stagnant, and sure, I could just buy a tasty pint of higher end ice cream, but I have more fun with the diversity of mixing ice cream with whatever else. You may not believe this, but I actually had this strawberry Tillamook mixed with an overly ripe banana today and when smooshed together with some graham crackers, it was actually pretty interesting [don't forget that I don't have any particular fondness for banana ice cream]. So, whatever it takes to keep enjoying ice cream, do that. You don't need my opinion or anyone else's, just enjoy whatever ice cream floats your boat. Have a great weekend everyone.

Verdict?  good
Buy Again?  yup already have! (many times!)

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  1. I live in Oregon, so it's Tillamook everywhere all the time. I've been swirling the strawberry with some lemon curd, trying to recreate a local ice cream shop's "Summer's Day" flavor. They play together very nicely!


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