Sunday, June 23, 2024

Nestle Slurpee Drumstick

[New for 2024] So I did something that I havent done in a very long time on Friday.... I started my day with some true ice cream hunting and turned that hunt in to a fairly tasty breakfast. What did I have? Well, I headed to my local Speedway to try the new....

Nestle SLURPEE Drumstick
blue raspberry vanilla sundae cone
those tiny candy bits look nothing like the large plentiful ones from the marketing photos....
But hey, this shot still makes it look delicious right?

I take my first bite and it's pretty good. The blue raspberry sauce on the vanilla (frozen dairy dessert) works pretty well. The vanilla has enough heft to support all the fun raspberry sweetness in the mix.

I can't seem to get a bite of the vanilla layer with the blue layer, so I continue enjoying the first act of this treat.

Then I hit the blue layer, and honestly, it's kind of weird. It's not terribly weird, but the density change from white to blue is a bit jarring. That said, it does kind of taste like frozen blue raspberry Slurpee. I guess you could say that the texture is more akin to Italian ice (sort of anyway).

If anything, this lighter blue layer is encouraging me to speed up and head to the cone section for some more need texture enhancement.

And what do you think is in the cone, raspberry or vanilla? or both? Well, the cone is completely filled with vanilla, and I'm ok with that, though I do wish there was at least some kind of raspberry component mixed in down here. I get the cones are always lined with chocolate, but having a different lining would have been a cool addition here. (Ha, it looks like at one point that the Australian version of Drumstick did have a cone with a white chocolate liner. That would have been fun here.)

I take the last bite of cone and call it a breakfast. 

I've enjoyed my treat for the most part, but I can't help but think that a cherry Slurpee flavor would work better, though that may just be my natural inclination to prefer cherry things over blue raspberry things. At the very least, the cherry would work better with the chocolatey cone lining.

Honestly, I kind of hope this comes back in a cherry flavor next year, and then who knows what flavor in 2026 (feel free to share your guess in the comments).

On Second Scoop? probably not? maybe? Iunno. For reference, it was like $3.50. Also, now that I know that Speedway carries a few 7-Eleven things, I will be heading back in the near future to pick up a couple of pints (though I should have done it on Friday since they were 2 for $10 rather than $7 a piece).

Verdict?  overall, it's a fun idea
Buy Again?  the mood would have to be right

allergy note: may contain peanuts
click for (some) nutrition facts and ingredients


  1. thanks for posting it! read your cool dog review and clicked to see if you were still going. you are! rock on, this is a great resource!!

  2. I could do chocolate cherry, for sure!


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