Saturday, March 23, 2024

News: Unilever to spin off ice cream business

Did you hear the news that Unilever will be spinning off all of it's ice cream business? It's true, though the headline often says ice cream spin-off and a cutting of 7500 jobs, but those jobs are at Unilever, not the ice cream businesses (not that some jobs cant be cut later). This includes Ben & Jerry's, Breyers, Magnum, Klondike, Good Humor, Cornetto, etc. The spin off will probably be completed in 2025.

Various news sources are spinning the news different ways. One side is spinning it because Ben & Jerry's is too progressive, and another take is that Americans are eating less ice cream, but I think the most common answer is that it's all about profit, and the ice cream business just doesn't have that big a profit margin, despite how much air and lower quality ingredients that they might spin in to our favorite treat.

Does anyone remember some new stories from a few years ago that mentioned Unilever might spin off the weaker ice cream brands like Breyers, Good Humor, and Klondike? I can't seem to find those articles now.... wait, here is one article at least! There were rumors that they were contemplating selling off about a third of the business back in late 2022.

Could this spin off lead to a revitalization of any of these brands? Maybe. I won't hold my breath, but I can hope. I definitely feel like some of these brands have been unusually quite recently compared to their non-Unilever competition, and technically this could explain why. 

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  1. I saw that too Dubba. I'm in the "this is good news" camp. The bigger the business, the worse it is for consumers.

  2. When I saw the article I wanted to tag you. I too have hope this can help revitalize the industry. You know what they sat, too many cooks in the kitchen...

  3. now if only Nestle would also spin off Edy's / Dreyer's. They've run those brands into ground as well.

    1. they have already spun off. sold majority ownership to froneri a few years ago

    2. Here's the official announcement :


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