Saturday, January 13, 2024

News: New Stuff starting to roll out

Are you keeping your eyes open for new 2024 stuff? I found three things (in person) this past week, plus I found a few things online as well.

Breyers Star Spangled Scoops FDD
Breyers Pistachio Almond FDD

Hey Breyers, you do know it's January and not June or July right? Also, you know it's not the 1940s right? Look, I am all for bringing back classic flavors because things like strawberry and cherry flavors don't get enough love, but pistachio? Oh well. Next!

Friendly's Boston Cream Pie Ice Cream
Bavarian cream flavored ice cream swirled with fudge,
Boston cream filling, and yellow cake chunks

When I saw this I thought "wait, how have they not tried that before?" but a couple of minutes of digging makes me think that this is indeed the first time for this flavor at Friendly's. I didn't buy it the first time I saw it because all the containers were messy, but then I went to a second store and those containers were messy too (aka a bit of sloppy manufacturing), so I decided to take a container home. This will most likely be the next review posted.

It's not ice cream, but it is a frozen dairy snack. It's the new frozen (Greek) yogurt bark from Enlightened. Flavors are triple berry, pineapple coconut, and banana peanut butter. I don't see any sugar replacement going on in the ingredient list, so that's good!

That's all I've seen in person, but I know other stuff is coming.

Wait, have we talked about Ben & Jerry's flipping all of their various non-dairy stuff to a single oat based product line yet? Nope, apparently we haven't! Ok, here is the official news post from them if you want the official scoop. 

Back at the beginning of November, I saw the remade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor that was part of that announcement. I had concerns about what the final ingredient list might be and if the product would be cross contaminated. Well, it says it only contains soy and wheat, but I don't know how I feel about it including pea protein and fava bean protein. I believe allergic reactions to those two is pretty rare, but I'm no doctor/scientist/food expert.

Anyway, the second flavor for this lineup has come out. It's Strawberry Cheezecake which is strawberry cheesecake non-dairy frozen dessert with thick graham cracker swirl.

Image courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

Jeni's did a press release for their "new" Hot Toddy sorbet, but many have pointed out that it's not new-new, it's just the latest iteration of an old flavor that was once known as "influenza sorbet". This version is orange, lemon, honey, cayenna pepper and Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey.

Image courtesy of Jeni's Ice Creams

This last grouping of releases is courtesy of Candy Hunting from her instagram page. The first news was the new Chocolate Collection from Tillamook.

Images courtesy of Tillamook

The collection consists of Brownie Batter, Dark Chocolate Cookies & Cream, German Chocolate Cake, and Chocolate Hazelnut. GCC has pecans and then the hazelnut one has both hazelnuts and a hazelnut butter swirl. Sounds pretty fancy to me!

Technically their website also lists a new sea salt & honeycomb toffee ice cream in a pint. Yeah, I need to try that sooner rather than later.

Image courtesy of Tillamook

Second, the Oreo frozen dairy lineup is growing with Mint bars and Mint sandwiches. I still have yet to try any of this lineup since they fell out of the Klondike line (old review here). I kind of thought the mint version already existed, but I think that I am just thinking of the container, not the treats.

last and certainly least, Klondike has a new two pack of frozen dairy dessert cones. The flavors in this one will be B-Day Every Day and Chocolate Crumble Cake. That would sound good if I had even a smidge of respect for Klondike these days.

Image courtesy of Klondike

Ok, that's what I've gone for now. Do any of these tempt you?

Oh, one more thing. It looks like Yuengling's Ice Cream may not be back, at least not under current management. You can read here for all the nonsense, but the latest press release seems to say that they are looking to divest their ice cream assets. I guess we'll see what happens.


  1. hmm... not excited to see b&j's switching the non-dairy line over to oat milk. i don't tend to like oat milk products much. i still like b&j's as a brand, and while i'm not strictly vegan, i do spring for non-dairy about half of the time. i have to wonder what the incentive for changing from almond and sunflower butter is when the lineup is already quite successful. i know they mention allergies in the press release, but that seems far fetched when plenty of their dairy line uses nut products. the skeptic in me says maybe it's to save money...

    1. Could be money, could be flavor flexibility, could be market demand, lots of possibilities

    2. I think that they went with oat milk to give people more flexibility and oat milk itself usually bland but allowing flavors added in making it better.

  2. I saw that Ben and Jerrys has two new ice creams too. One with chocolate covered pretzels and pretzel swirl and the other with marshmallow ice cream and pb cups.

    1. funny timing, getting ready to mention that in the next post (because I haven't had any luck finding them yet)

  3. I am looking forward to the base change personally for BJ. My wife and I tried multiple sunflower based flavors and found everyone to be off-putting.

  4. Looks like Haagen daaz is also adding two new bars...dulce de leche and chocolate cookie crumble. Honestly, they all sound the same to me now that without reading they are new, I'd never even know! (I dont eat this brand or bars in general though...if it were Breyers I might know just by title since that is one of the few brands I eat these days)


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