Saturday, September 2, 2023

Van Leeuwen Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

[New for Summer 2023] Over at Walmart, everyone is finding the new Fall Van Leeuwen flavors as well as those Scoops Ahoy pints, but not me. No no no. I still have something from the summer line up in my freezer. Yeah, it's probably time to try....

Van Leeuwen Key Lime Pie Ice Cream
key lime ice cream with graham cracker crust pieces

That's a busy looking pint.

And it just gets busier!
(the first photo is more color accurate)

Not only does it look good, but all those graham cracker crust pieces aren't rock hard! Nope, they are much easier to eat when compared to some of the other Van Leeuwen mix-ins.

And the ice cream? It's got plenty of flavor, though it is definitely on the tart side. In fact, it's probably the tartest flavor I've had in quite some time.

The texture isn't fantastic, at least not near the top, but this one has been sitting for about... two months in my basement freezer.

It was pretty easy to just keep scooping in to this one. Lots of flavor, lot of crust bits, not a lot of reasons to stop scooping. I think I may mix this with either a bit of vanilla ice cream next time or at least some whipped cream, but overall, I can easily say that I am happy with this pint. In fact, maybe I should have gotten two of these....

On Second Scoop: So flavorful, so tart! Ok, not super tart, but there is no ignoring it. I do think the whipped cream helped, but I'm happy eating this flavor on it's own too. Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite Van Leeuwen flavors so far. It's unique without being crazy. Plenty of graham bits. I think the texture has gotten better too (the top had dried out a bit). So yeah, I like this one (and for context, I tend to like key lime pie flavors in general anyway).

Note: The other summer flavors were Arizona Green Tea with honeycomb, Banana Cream Pie with fudge swirls, Tiramisu, Kiwi Burst, and Summer Peace Crisp (returning flavor).

Verdict?  flavorful
Buy Again?  if/when I can

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  1. Oooh, Arizona Green Tea? Like the actual brand, AGT? Van Leeuwen does the strangest collabs. Did you try it? Is it good? Honey is always a nice addition to tea, so maybe it's good!

  2. Yup, another collab! (I did not get around to trying it though, and now it's too late)

  3. Woah, VLW never has that many mix-ins.

    I am excited to see more reviews of the "normal" flavors like this. But at the same time, there isn't much point if they are all limited runs and we can't go back to them again and again. Weird business model still.

  4. Favorite ice cream ever But cant find it 😔


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