Friday, February 3, 2023

Dairy Queen Triple Truffle Blizzard

[New for Feb 2023] Doh! I went to DQ on Monday and totally forgot to post about it. Sorry about that. This one is the February Blizzard of the Month and it definitely carries some Valentine's Day vibes in the branding. I haven't had anything nutty in awhile, so fingers crossed that it's good.

Dairy Queen Triple Truffle Blizzard
peanut butter, fudge and caramel truffles in vanilla softserve

It got served with a flat soda lid, so it lost some visual pizazz

Does it have a lot of truffles? I would say yes.
Too many? Maybe.

So while it's just vanilla softserve, plenty of the mini cups gets broken by the blender and give the treat a bit of peanut butter flavoring. Not super strong ofcourse. We're not talking Reese's blizzard here, but it's undeniable.

As you may have picked up on, I didn't love this one. It's not bad, but there's a certain wonk to the overall flavor profile. I want to say plastic-y, but that's too extreme. There's just a weird way that the three flavors come together. It just taste a bit... artificial? Nah, that doesn't feel right either, but there's something off about this blizzard. I would check the ingredients but the DQ site is down at the moment (how weird).

I won't steer you away from this blizzard, nor will I push you to race out and try it. I leave this one up to you. Good luck, and let us know if you try it.

Verdict?  not bad, not amazing
Buy Again?  meh

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