Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Ben & Jerry's Mousse Pie Ice Cream

Update from Summer 2023: I bought another pint of this one and had a much better experience, so please keep that in mind when reading the original review that involved a so-so pint.

[New for Early 2023] More New Ben & Jerry's?! Yup! I was hoping Hannaford might have something new for me and I wound up finding five new pints of newness (3 B&J's and two Talenti). I haven't had a good chocolate flavor in a bit, so let's dive in to....

Ben & Jerry's Mousse Pie Ice Cream
milk chocolate ice cream with chocolate mousse swirls
& chocolate cookie swirls

I see potential!

Can you see the lighter mousse swirls amongst the milk chocolate ice cream?

You would think this one could be an easy win, but the problem is that the mousse swirl is very stiff. Like distractingly so. I never imagined a mousse swirl would be this solid, but here we are!

I'm starting to wonder if maybe they were going for an inverse of chocolate therapy while still keeping  this as a chocolate treat. A similar trifecta of chocolate-ness, but different enough to get our attention. Unfortunately for B&J's, I'd rather buy chocolate therapy...

Yes the milk chocolate base is a nice change of pace, but I really wish that there was enough textured cookie swirl to balance the mousse swirl. On this first scooping, the cookies almost felt like a non-factor.... and that makes me sad.

So yeah, I didn't love this first scooping. I kept trying to let it temper with the hopes that the mousse would soften, but it wasn't helping, not enough anyway. Hopefully it'll be better after a night or two in the kitchen freezer.

On Second Scoop: Wait just a minute.... did I get a bum pint? Someone asked how the mousse swirl tasted on it's own, and while trying to answer that question, I came up with a theory. I think I got a poorly mixed pint. All the light colored stuff in the middle of the pint is tough and watery, but if I flip the ice cream over (aka scoop from the very bottom of the pint), it's more in line of what I would expect from a Ben & Jerry's milk chocolate flavor. I also got something that looked what you would expect of their cookie swirl. So yeah, I think I got a weird pint. This one might still be a winner, even if this particular pint is not.

Verdict?  bum pint?
Buy Again?  I might if a few people chime in and confirm I got a bum pint

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Anonymous said...

Where are all these flavors coming from?!!! It's a shame this one seems like a letdown. How does the swirl taste outside of the texture?

Dubba Scoops said...

good question! check out the second scooping (which I'm about to write)

Anonymous said...

Ah sorry to hear it mightve been a bum pint. If I come across the flavor, I'll write how it tastes here.

@SnackForagers said...

Odd choice considering some of the other choices they floated for then line :(

Dubba Scoops said...

you got insider info on flavors that didn't happen? :)

@SnackForagers said...

There were graphics made for:

Butterscotch Pie
Pecan Pie
Mermaid Pie
Salted Caramel Apple Pie
Oatmeal Cream Pie
Mocha Mousse Pie
Raspberry Peach Pie

Dubba Scoops said...

Maybe to confuse everyone? Who knows!

Mark said...

This reminds me of Chocolate Therapy!

Chris S said...

I finally got a chance to taste this flavor. I can say with certainty that my pint was not like the one described in the review. The mousse swirls were creamy and not solid, and the cookie swirls had a nice grit. Ultimately I didn't think the flavor was that great (the mousse kinda just blends in with the base), but I think you did indeed get a bad pint, sorry to say.

Dubba Scoops said...

Thanks for confirming! I'll pick up another pint at some pint for sure now.

Chris S said...

No prob! I hope you find a better pint this time around.

StrawberryMarsh said...

Where are people finding? Can't find in San Diego.