Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Hudsonville Brownie Batter Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Not sure exactly when this flavor came out, but I'm thinking that it debuted as a limited edition flavor in 2018. By 2021 it was a full time flavor sporting the current packaging you see below.

Hudsonville Brownie Batter Cookie Dough Ice Cream
brownie batter ice cream loaded with brownie and cookie dough pieces

I still love the seal on these containers

That's.... uninspiring.

But this is way better! I bet your eyes are jumping to all the brownie bitlets but look closely. Yeah, there are cookie dough bitlets everywhere too.

...and now you are thinking, what is a bitlet? Sorry, I can't help myself. The brownie and cookie dough bits are tiny. Like too tiny. AKA smaller than a pea. Sure, they are super plentiful, but they are also kind of weird to eat. To be honest, they bug me. I think it's the brownie bits in particular because they are just a bit too dense and just feel weird while chewing them.

Speaking of weird, the batter flavor definitely takes a bit of getting used to. It's not terrible, but it's takes a little while to start forgetting about it.

Overall flavor profile is chocolate because I didn't pick up any flavoring from the cookie dough. 

I guess I'm not really digging this flavor. It's not bad, but like the malt ball flavor, it's almost too busy. I mean, well, it is definitely too busy. I want to applaud them for not skimping on mix-ins, but if these are the mix-ins these use, should I really applaud them?

On Second Scoop: I think I like this ice cream.... pretty sure? more or less sure? I really don't get the teeny tiny brownie bits and cookie dough chunks. The experience of chewing them is just a little too jarring for my liking. I'm happy to continue trying other flavors, but I think I'm good with this one for now.

Verdict?  too busy
Buy Again?  nah

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  1. I agree with you. I wanted to like this but it was just OK. I actually didn't realize the bits were too different kinds, they all looked and tasted bland and similar.

  2. this company has some great flavors = traverse city = coconut - bananas foster are my favs - the best

  3. I loved this flavor! I'm so bummed Walmart stopped carrying it near me. I also want the bananas foster but it's never in stock near me. :(


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