Tuesday, December 29, 2020

FatBoy Holiday Peppermint Sundae

Yup, already jumping back in to the free FatBoy samples. I'm on holiday break and I need something festive to dive in to!

FatBoy Holiday Peppermint Sundae Ice Cream Sundaes
peppermint ice cream dipped in milk chocolate & peppermint candy

Digging the minty bits in the shell!

Shell is pretty thin, but the ratios are good.

I take a bite and I am surprised by how mellow this treat is. It's not super mild mind you, but for a chocolate and peppermint treat, it is dialed in a lot more subtly than I expected. It's a soft pillowy peppermint flavor in a nice thin milk chocolate shell. It works really well together!

Whoever designed this was definitely going for a relaxed vibe here and I really appreciate that. It doesn't feel gimmicky, it feels like someone sat down and really thought this one out. They weren't trying to be sensational (or trim the budget), they were going for a nice pleasant treat. Can you tell I'm impressed?

Specifics? milk chocolate is the right choice and keeps things mild. Peppermint bits are detectable, but not jarring. They won't throw you out of the moment. The peppermint reminds me of a peppermint puff (which I love). No component is trying to be the star of the show, they're just trying to work together and have fun.

Obviously this made a great first impression. Granted, I didn't go in with the highest of expectations but FatBoy is really winning me over with these free treats. The sugar cookie ice cream sandwiches were fun and so are these. Well done!

Note: they also make a FatBoy Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwich

On Second Scoop: Just as tasty the second time around. I really enjoy how these ones work out. Just a fun candy cane flavored treat. If you see these and are interested, you should definitely give them a try.

Verdict?  tasty
Buy Again?  if I could!

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Joy Dancer said...

I love how you used the word pillowy. I love soft mint flavors, like creamy andes mint. And those party mints are delicious. To me, the flavor goes well with chocolate cake too.