Saturday, December 26, 2020

FatBoy Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Hello! Hope everyone had a nice Christmas! (or just a day off). Our Christmas went fairly sideways, but the most important parts worked out (aka happy kids). I was hoping the day would have gone a bit easier and I thought an early Christmas present was a sign of things to come. You see, the PR firm for Casper's ice cream, the people behind FatBoy ice cream, offered to send over free samples. How could I say no to these guys? Well, the overnight shipment got delayed by a day and yet somehow the six free samples were still frozen! Christmas miracle! (hehehehe). Because it was Christmas eve, I knew the first thing to try had to be....

FatBoy Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
sugar cookie ice cream with sprinkles in between two vanilla wafers

Clear wrapper removed, but can't get a good angle.

Better right? Those sprinkles add a #funfactor and help seal the deal on the tastiness of the treat. That little bit of sprinkly crunch just helps transport you a little further away from ice cream sandwich and a little bit closer to sugar cookie. 

There's plenty of sweetness without going overboard. I'm sure we all have various ideas of what sugar cookie flavor is, but I think you'll appreciate this homage to sugar cookies.

I enjoyed it, plain and simple. 

On Second Scoop: If I had to try harder to describe the exact flavor, I would say that the sandwich reminds me of those puffy Lofthouse Sugar cookies you can find at the grocery store. It's not an exact match ofcourse, but I feel like that's the general vibe of these. These are fun and I know I will enjoy the other four. Thanks to Casper's ice cream for the free ice cream! Congrats on your 95th birthday!

Verdict?  tasty and fun
Buy Again?  if they were in my area!

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Mark said...

How much longer until we see a yearly review and your expectations for 2021?!

Dubba Scoops said...

It's usually the 30th or 31st - except a rogue year when it was on Christmas day :)

Liz C said...

Judging that there is a lofthouse cookie on the box, I would say that is a good comparison!

Dubba Scoops said...

HAHAHAHA! It does look like a lofthouse cookie doesn't it! good call!