Sunday, September 6, 2020

Bomb Pop Middles - S'mores

[New for 2020] When I first saw these on stores, I admit that I was a little afraid. For me, there's just something a little off-putting about the graphic on the box. It just looks like an icy shell with a weird gooey middle. Fast forward several months, and my desperation for something new has made me pick up....

Bomb Pop Middles - S'mores
graham cracker frozen dairy dessert dipped in a chocolatey coating
with a burst of marshmallow swirl in the middle

Boring plain white wrapper removed....

The first thing you will be hit by is the graham flavor. No subtle hint of graham here, it's definitely the main flavor. Surprisingly, the chocolate doesn't completely take over.

The ratios look better than on the packaging right? I think so. While the inner marshmallow core is somewhat gooey, it's more solid than gooey. It's kind of hard to explain, but it does add the requisite marshmallow flavoring to make this an official s'mores treat (not a ton, but it's there).

At 120 calories a pop, this treat lasted maybe 90 seconds. Granted I could try to savor it more, but there's a reason that they say one serving equals three pops. My single pop was gone before I could even settle in. That said, these are better than I expected. I figure it will take a least a few more to settle in, but there might be something here after all.

There are three other flavors: chocolate creme sandwich, chocolate caramel sundae, and strawberry raspberry taffy. Will I try them? Let me get through this box and I'll get back to you.

History note: Wow, 7 years since my only other bomb pop review (link here)

On Second Scoop: these are pretty unique, so if tempted, feel free to give them a try. I won't plow through the box, but they are better than expected.

Verdict?  they do taste like graham!
Buy Again?  probably not


  1. I wonder if there is any relation to the band, The Bombpops.

  2. Wiki says band name chosen when drummer ordered a bombpop

  3. To their credit, this was the only ice cream/frozen dessert that I specifically bought for the kids but actually made sure to save myself one to try (one was enough, but it was decent).
    By the way, pivot: where did you find the Talenti Pumpkin Pie Layers that you showed on your IG?!

  4. ha, question asked shortly before the new post went up. and it was price chopper incase I forgot to mention it in the post.


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