Wednesday, October 16, 2019

High Road Blueberry Ricotta Ice Cream

Alright, I've been sitting on this tasty review long enough. Back when I got the tasty High Road ice cream sandwiches on sale, I got these too. Let's scoop in to...

High Road Blueberry Ricotta Ice Cream
"wild blueberry jam folded into our fresh ricotta ice cream"

I opened a pint of their strawberry ice cream first, and that's pink as you would expect. So when I opened the blueberry pint, yeah, my brain reset and I half expected the ice cream to be blue.

To me, it seems like a risk putting ricotta in the description because it's just something you ever really see. However, a long time ago New Orleans ice cream taught me that high quality cream cheese flavored ice cream could be a great thing (see review here), so I have hope here.

And hope has paid off, this is a nice ice cream. The ricotta base is nice and unique, but not frightening in anyway, it's kind of delightful. That is some top notch ice cream right there. Granted, it should be with these nutritional stats, but yeah, this is really good. Like I should have bought more than one pint while it was on sale good.

Oh wow, that bite was awesome. If you hate cheesy flavors you would still hate this, but as the pint tempers, the flavor comes more alive.

I should probably mention that the blueberry flavoring is pretty mild actually. Even if I get a scoop that has a lot blueberry on it, I can still barely taste it. I feel like the sweetness is there, but there's no distinct blueberry flavoring (and thankfully no tartness).

So yeah, it's a sweet and cheesy flavor. I hate using the word cheesy but I have to here. Let me reiterate, if you've ever had a -GOOD- cream cheese flavor, this is basically the same thing. Please don't compare this to some cheap cheesecake like flavoring that you would find in a mainstream brand. Top notch premium brands and cheaper mainstream brands do cheesy flavors very differently. The premium versions tend to be excellent, the regular versions tend to be... up for debate shall we say.

I should stop now right? I'm referring to both eating and typing. 'Til next time!

On Second Scoop: The sometimes icy swirl is the only mild sticking point here, but I could always just let it temper more... actually I wound up smooshing up the last serving and it turned pretty purple. What? I couldn't resist. The blueberry flavor was a bit more obvious then. No matter how you scoop it, I would still totally buy this one again.

Verdict?  Nice!
Buy Again?  Yes!


  1. Every High Road I've ever had was icy. Maybe because the only place I ever saw it was at Bed Bath and Beyond (weird, I know) and I'm sure their turn over was non existent.

  2. The base flavor is really great, a bit cream cheesy and really smooth and has a high quality taste and feel. But, the blueberry is extremely weak and there is just barely a hint of it. I do think it would be much better to add some jam to it and eat it that way. Really any flavor of jam would work.


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