Sunday, September 29, 2019

Serendipity Ice Cream Cakes

Of all the free samples Serendipity sent over, I've decided to cover the cakes first because...  well, because I want to. I do love ice cream cake but I feel like Carvel's quality has been slipping the last few times I've had it. I wouldn't say no to Carvel, but I want more. Can Serendipity take over as my go to ice cream cake? Let's find out!

Serendipity Ice Cream Cakes

Serendipity Birthday Ice Cream Cake
cake flavored ice cream with swirls of pink frosting, cake pieces and sprinkles

I decided to start with the Birthday cake one because that's what has people most excited. It looks like a typical ice cream cake from the outside, and inside....

Looks pretty good right? It's a solid layer of ice cream with birthday cakes chunks here and there as well as sprinkles mixed in. Sprinkles aren't the same as a thick layer of crunchies, but they do help. The sprinkles mixed with the soft frosting still help bring up those typical textural changes you expect in ice cream cakes. The birthday cake chunks are noticeable and are appreciated.

To sum up my experience, this feels like a quality ice cream cake. If you served this up at a party there will certainly be people wanting a second slice. I certainly do and I'm not even a fan of cake flavored ice cream. The ice cream does bring some sweetness and potency, but it doesn't feel like they've gone overboard on either.

I went back and grabbed a few more bites, I couldn't resist. I ran in to a section that had about 5 cake chunks clumped together. So yeah, I really like this, they did a nice job. These definitely feel like a step up from Carvel. If you see these, I would definitely pick one up.

Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Cake
hot chocolate flavored ice cream with whipped cream swirl and chocolate shavings

It looks pretty amazing right? I feel like we never get ice cream cakes that look like this, and that's a shame. Hopefully this will inspire others to use chocolate frosting.

Sorry, I feel like I should have done better with this photo but at least you can see the spread of chocolate shavings and whipped cream swirls.

Is it good? Yeah. Did I fall in love? Iunno, I kind of missed the cake pieces that I got in the other one. Again, this is a step up from Carvel, so that's not the problem. I know this picture makes it look like there are plenty of chocolate bits, but maybe a few more on top would have sealed the deal for me (though when I said this to my daughter, she wasn't really agreeing). I like where they are going here, I just need a little something more to make it excellent.

All in all, both are good, but if I had to pick just one to keep in the freezer, I think it would be birthday cake. That said, I've enjoyed both of the cakes and have no problem recommending that you give them a try. Thanks again to Serendipity for the free samples.

Verdict?  Good!
Buy Again?  Yup

Allergy Note: Shared equipment warning

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