Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Turkey Hill Triple Vanilla Trio'politan Ice Cream

[New for 2019] Unfortunately Turkey Hill hasn't served up a whole lot of newness for us this year. In fact, it seems like the whole mainstream ice cream scene is not doing so well this year (try to think of something truly new from Breyers, Edys, Turkey Hill, etc). That said, I do love ending my days with a nice cup of vanilla ice cream, so let's see if this will do.

Turkey Hill Triple Vanilla Trio'politan Ice Cream
vanilla bean ice cream, brown sugar bourbon vanilla-flavored ice cream
with vanilla cookie crumb swirl, and homemade vanilla ice cream

Wait, that middle description has me all thrown off.

The center has the swirl so I try that first... and boy is that odd. Take out the bourbon and I might be interested. It's a nice robust flavor but not something I want on it's on at the moment. Plus the flavor will linger as I try the other two now.

The other two are as you would expect from their homemade vanilla and vanilla bean ice cream. So I guess the big questions is how well do they come together....

Oh, man, they should not have tried that in a mianstream ice cream. Mixing them together makes it worse. What is going on here. It's so... gross. Granted I hate alcohol in my ice cream, and this isn't even real alcohol in ice cream, but gross.

Yeah, I'll be eating around the middle section. So annoyed.

On Second Scoop: Ok, I figured out what the middle part tastes like. I think they were going for a GF Sunken Treasure vibe, but what I taste it root beer popsicle. That probably sounds odd, but realize that this is food science, not some high end scoop shop flavor. Nothing fancy going on here except a blend of natural and artificial flavors. Why am I trying to ruin this flavor? Because I hate it honestly. The flavoring from the middle has infected the side vanillas and that annoys me greatly. Granted, it's my fault for not reading the description more carefully, but I really was just expecting some kind of down triple vanilla flavor.

On Third Scoop? No, wait, I got it now. The middle tastes like vanilla extract!

Verdict?  Bleck
Buy Again?  no chance


Unknown said...

It seems the ice cream game starting to fizzle down. It was like madness with new ice cream coming in. Have you tasted "tasty" ice cream line yet. I haven't tried it. Heard it is bad and most of the stores doesn't have second "flight" of ice cream yet. I think they pulled the plug on it.

TheIcon said...

I had issues with the bourbon. It tasted like bandaids to me. It kind of ruined it for me.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Alek: ha, just posted my first run in with Tasty over on instagram, there were only a few pints and they were all iced over. Haven't heard many positives but would like to try it still (just been so busy)

@TheIcon: yeah, the middle section ruins the whole thing :(

Unknown said...

If you're eating around the middle section, can we have it? The bourbon brown sugar is the best part of any ice cream I've ever had! Sorry you didn't like it.

Dubba Scoops said...

Try Steve's version then: http://www.onsecondscoop.com/2018/08/steves-ice-cream-returns.html

Unknown said...

Definitely agree with Unknown!!! The Brown Sugar Bourbon is the BEST!!! I wish they made JUST that!!!

Unknown said...

The Brown Sugar Bourbon is amazing! I was just looking to see if they made that alone. Best Ever!!

Anonymous said...

Our 3rd container since discovering this. And yes the Brown Sugar Bourbon is Beast Mode. At our Shoprite is was sold out.

Redsonja said...

I love this ice cream ~ the blend of flavors taste amazing. I also like the Trio'politan chocolate.