Saturday, April 13, 2019

Baskin Robbins Oreo 'n Caramel Ice Cream

[New for April 2019] Hey there, I'm back again! I can't say I was heartbroken to be away from Baskin for a year, but it is nice to be so close again, especially with the outdoor seating and the warmer months approaching. As long as my particular B-R can keep the new flavors in stock, we should be all set. Anyway, let's take a dive in to the new...

Baskin Robbins Oreo 'n Caramel Ice Cream
sweet and salty caramel ice cream
with OREO cookie pieces in a delicious caramel swirl

Everyone remembers I love cookies & cream ice cream right? Good, because I love this one too. It's really well balanced and I pretty much loved every bite (except the ones that were slightly freezerburned, those get a slight demerit from my taste buds).

The nice thing is that while "sweet & salty" is in the description, it's neither too salty nor too sweet. It could have easily went overboard in any of several directions but it didn't. There's just a lot of great complimentary flavoring going on here. I'm always a little weary that their monthly flavor will be gimmicky (it's a thing, it happens), but this one works really well.

So yeah, the combo works, nothing is out of control, and I could have easily shoved in four scoops instead of two (but then I would have just been full and uncomfortable for the rest of the afternoon). If you love C&C, give this a try, or if you want a caramel that's complimentary rather than the star player, give it a try as well. I was happy with my lunch, and hopefully you will be too.

Verdict?  Delicious!
Buy Again?  Oh yeah


  1. Gotta have to try this one. Been busy going through the Talenti layer gelatos and the DQ brownie dough


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