Sunday, March 10, 2019

Gelato Fiasco Nutterfluffer Gelato

[New for 2019] Time to try the first of the three flavors that Nick has been working on for the last several months. Yes, Gelato Fiasco was nice enough to send a free sample of each pint, but Nick wouldn't want me to take it easy on him, so here goes.

Gelato Fiasco Nutterfluffer Gelato
peanut butter gelato, marshmallow swirl, pound cake

Sorry for no opening shot, but I think you'll be ok in this instance. Looks fun right? Well, it is! I think we are actually dangerously close to too much fun really. This effectively tastes like the ooey gooey insides of my beloved fluffernutter sandwich. (For those not from the area, that just means a sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow "fluff").

The sweet, peanut buttery gelato with the sweet marshmallow is both addictive and potent. The gelato feels like it was very specifically dialed in to capture the magic that is peanut butter and marshmallow. The pound cake adds that necessary texture element to keep the flavor from running away with itself.

So yeah, huge fan of this one, even though I'm pretty sure my brain would explode if I tried eating the whole pint. I really love the way that it aims for a specific flavor and pulls it off. Everyone wants to say that their flavor tastes like this or that, but this one nails it.

On Second Scoop: Delicious. What else do I say? Ok, I'll add one thing. I was ready for the bold sweetness this time around and that helped me scoop it a bit more carefully this time around. No need to rush when eating this one because even a small scoop packs a ton of flavor. 

Verdict?  Deliciously evil
Buy Again?  ofcourse


Bulldoger said...

Woo-hoo! Great job Nick. Can’t wait to try this one. Having you working from the inside on flavor development kinda feels like when we were kids and our parents got us the coolest babysitter. It was like, “ YES! Finally, somebody who knows how to run things around here! ”

Megan said...

This is the flavor I'm most excited to try. I love the idea.

Eric said...

This is my type of flavor!

Do we have any idea of what the distribution of this flavor will be? How readily available or if it's going to be more local? I don't have much Gelato Fiasco in my area, but I'm hoping this one finds it's way here!

Dubba Scoops said...

they're working on getting it in as many stores as possible :)

Nick Rovo said...

Hi Eric,

Where are you located? I can see if I can find a store in your area that carries it. If there none, we do offer online shopping now.

Eric said...

Nick, I'm on Long Island but I did see the online shopping option. I've done that a few times (when some of the special Ample Hills flavors have been released) and may just have to take advantage if I can't find it here :)

May said...

Not about the Nutterfluffer, but still GF-related: I just picked up a pint of their classic Mascarpone Pistachio flavor, to find that it's... different. Instead of whole pistachio "nuggets" like there used to be it's full of little pieces, as if the nuts were pulverized, and the caramel swirls seem really thin. Anyone know if they've changed the old tried-and-true formula?

Dubba Scoops said...

What color was the lid, was it black? Those are last year's pints, so that might be part of it.

May said...

Nope, silver lid, best by date in February 2021. Why, was 2018 an "experimental" year for GF? (Or was there a fiasco in their kitchen?--cheap but irresistible shot)

Dubba Scoops said...

As they grow, they need to expand production, so if you look carefully, there are a couple of different lids: the original shiny metal lid, the black plastic lid from last year, and I've seen a new silver plastic lid popping up this year. In general, if you ever see a company just pints, there is a chance they've made a production change, like last year's returning pints from Steve's. [steve's has actually changed their pints again this year but I haven't checked to see if the plant changed too again]

May said...

Understood, and I get it about companies wanting to grow. Just a shame when it means a hit to such high standards of quality from when they were smaller. Since you mentioned Steve's, I wonder if any similar comedown happened since their packaging changed. I recently tried their Banana Pudding in the paper carton--it was still pretty good, but I never had the plastic pint version, so no point of reference. :/

Dubba Scoops said...

I believe the wise Jerry of Ben & Jerry's once told me something to the effect of "if your business isn't growing, it's dying".

I too don't have the familiarity with Steve's to say how much their quality has changed since Dean Foods rescued them.

I wouldn't worry about GF too much, I hear their new quality guy is top notch :)