Friday, February 8, 2019

Magnum Strawberries & Cream Ice Cream Bar

[New for 2019] Well, it finally happened, I found something both new and nationally available for 2019. I've been getting all flustered that the midwest has been finding everything before my area but looking back at the blog and instagram makes me realize that February is the more appropriate time for me to start reviewing new stuff. So, are you ready for......

Magnum Strawberries & Cream Ice Cream Bar
strawberry ice cream with a strawberry swirl
with other natural flavor dipped in white chocolate

That's right, we finally have a strawberry Magnum bar. Sure we had both raspberry and cherry options in regular chocolate, but now we have a fruity flavor with a white chocolate coating. The funny thing is that other countries have had this for several years though they call it the "Strawberry & White" flavor. [Ok, technically their is also a "Strawberry White Crumble" flavor that looks even better than this one, but let's focus on what we can actually find]

Standard brown wrapping.

White chocolate time. I'm thinking this will work pretty good!

I was not being patience my first time around and managed to crack off a huge chunk off the side, though thankfully it makes for a somewhat interesting picture.

Do I like it? Ofcourse! I'm an old fashion kind of guy who still likes strawberry ice cream and it's nice to finally get a fruity flavored magnum bar that's paired with a nice white chocolate coating. You may remember that I thought the white chocolate vanilla tubs were a bit much but this combo is much more balanced.

I really only have the smallest complaint about this bar. No, I don't have a problem with the density of the ice cream, it seemed fine today. What I really wonder about is this small bit of oddness that was coming from somewhere. I think it may have been the swirl. It just had this bit of weird lingering aftertaste and I wasn't positive where it was coming from. Well, it's not from the white chocolate, but it was there... not that it stopped me from inhaling this bar.

So, we've got a tasty new addition to the U.S. line up. I'm a little shocked we didn't get this sooner but  maybe they were too busy trying to wow us with cocoa nibs or gold coating. If these seem tempting, go ahead and grab a box! (found at Stop & Shop [Giant] but should also be popping up at Walmart and other locations).

On Second Scoop: Monday!

Verdict?  good
Buy Again?  yup


  1. This would make an excellent pint. I know you know how much I like the Magnum pints, but I agree that the white chocolate vanilla pairing was a bit too much. Pairing that chocolate with strawberries just sounds right on all levels.

  2. I have tried a variation of this in the UK, and thought it was quite good. I am excited to try this to see how it compares. I am also pretty excited about their new pints. The addition of sauce sounds interesting.

  3. Hey dubba did you see turkey hill is now going down the frozen dairy desert hole? Looks like most of their limited edition flavors this year are changing to FDD. Great.

  4. Advance apologies for the irrelevance of this post to those Magnum bars, but I had a moment of ice cream world intrigue today and thought to consult an expert :-) ...
    Is Ben & Jerry's Target-exclusive Peanut Butter World no longer exclusive? I spotted it today at one of my non-Target local supermarkets, but the pint packaging still said "Exclusive Flavor"... So, either this is in some kind of transition, or someone totally bought some contraband Target merch for resale!

  5. @Sascha: I enjoyed all three bars :)

    @Anon: just saw the new pints today!

    @Mike: yeah, unfortunately I have

    @May: weird, I'll keep my eyes open for it

  6. @Mike

    Wow Turkey Hill is going Frozen Dessert for new flavors?
    All that does is drive potential customers away. Breyers learned this the hard way, but
    like most big conglomerates they haven't changed their ways.

    As soon as I see anything other than "ice cream" on the label I won't buy it.

    That being said TH regular ice cream quality has slowly been going down over the past decade.
    They are using wood cellulose in many flavors now. Horrible. I don't buy that anymore.

    I do like TH All Natural ice cream, but I have noticed even that has changed for the worse.
    As they are adding some gums now in some flavors. And vanilla extract is missing from the Natural Vanilla now??? What?!!


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