Sunday, July 29, 2018

Turkey Hill American Dream Trio'politan Ice Cream

[New for 2018] So we've talked about there being 5 new Trio'politan flavors this year. I'm never going to bother with the Coco Loco due to my disdain for coconut, but I am finally going to try number four now that Market Basket is was carrying Trio'politan.

Turkey Hill American Dream Trio'politan Ice Cream
blueberry ice cream, vanilla flavored ice cream with strawberry swirl,
and strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips

Looks straight forward enough.

That's pretty red looking. Also, they've gone with the itty bitty chips again.

Hey, can I cheat? The problem is that I'm trying to avoid chocolate, even the tiny ones, and I think the only way for a person like me to truly enjoy this flavor is to swirl all three flavors together. It's only then that I get a nice generic berry vibe rather than blueberry trying to override everything.

See, I'm just not a huge blueberry ice cream fan. Yes it can be enjoyable, but the reality is that there isn't a lot of blueberry ice cream on store shelves for a reason. It's just not that popular a flavor. If you mix the blueberry and vanilla sections, it still just tastes like blueberry (even with the swirl). It's only when you add the strawberry section that you get a fun flavor. Wait, no, I should say when *I* get a fun flavor. I have no idea what your preferences are.

The texture is fine, it's fairly light and easy melting without being gummy. A lot of people don't like the itty bitty chips so be aware of that. If you don't like blueberry ice cream, be aware of that too. This one would probably be fun on a donut, but I'm trying to lay off those too right now.

On  Second Scoop: I had a bit more of this and my wife made short work of the rest. This is just a straightforward, summer friendly flavor. The hang ups are either going to be the little chips or the old fashion choice of blueberry, but I have no real complaints here. It's an easy going (somewhat light) texture with good but not overpowering flavoring. Pick it up if it has your interest.

Verdict?  old school blueberry, new skool trio
Buy Again?  probably one more soon (if it's not iced over)


Heartlover1717 said...

I believe this was the first of the Trio'politan flavors I tried and I agree - it's "nice" but not a repeat. My favorites are still the Mint Cookie and the Chocolate Raspberry Bliss selections.

Also, your photo of the container covered with frost made me think, "oh no"! My local store pushed a big survey when they were planning a remodel and one of the things I wrote in response is that they would AT LEAST move the REAL ice cream out of the "freezer burn" section. For the most part, the Turkey Hill flavors (such as they are) are no longer in "freezer burn" detention; however, the only time I can try a Häagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerry's flavor is when they are on sale and some flavors get put in the "featured" section...

Hope you are feeling better!

Dubba Scoops said...

Stores that abuse their ice cream selection drive me nuts! Granted a big part of the problem is people who open the glass doors for long periods of time rather than looking through the glass doors, but what are we going to do? I can't yell at them (despite the temptation).

And don't get me started about stores that leave out the cart of fresh ice cream while they take forever to restock the shelves.

Shae said...

I thought this was good. I bought it twice but would not buy it again because of those chips. I do not mind that they are small. The problem is that they are HARD. They should have used chocolate flakes(like what they use in their mint chip).

Danielle said...

Dubba I'm saddened by your disdain for coconut bc the Coco Loco was easily the best flavor followed by the mint. This one was painful for me to finish, although the vanilla with strawberry swirl section was the only thing keeping me going. That part could easily be it's own flavor.

Rabbit Girl said...

I often buy ice cream at duane reade because it is less likely to be "abused." At whole foods, the freezer door is open 50% of the time, but hardly anyone buys ice cream at the pharmacy(when there's 2 supermarkets next to it).

Anne Sutton said...

I was reading the comments, and I thought about the discussion on the freezers used to store ice cream. I read the one complaint about the number of times some people open and close the freezer door. That got me thinking that not all supermarkets who sell ice cream store them in freezers with doors. Take Trader Joe's for example. The ice cream is nestled down in open top freezers. Even Aldi's occasionally sells their ice cream in chests compared to side by side freezers. So which one works best? Would one think there is more freezer burn on Trader Joe's ice cream? I haven't tried this new trio by Edy's. I also saw the comment on the chocolate chips. One thing I just love is the mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip from Baskin Robbins because of the tiny chocolate chips. Are these similar or a different thing altogether?

Shae said...

Anne...I also love the chips in Baskin Robbins. The Trio(is Turkey Hill not Edy's). The chips in the Trios are nothing like Baskin-Robbins. They are small and hard, not good, and in my opinion ruin the Ice Cream. If you like Baskins chips the chips in Turkey Hills mint chocolate chip are exactly like Baskin Robbins.

Dubba Scoops said...

these chips are itty bitty, pretty much the smallest ones you can get